Whether you want to invest successfully to accelerate the growth of your savings, better manage your 401(k), earn that extra income from trading to help pay the bills, or trade for a living and replace your current income, DTI provides the knowledge and tools for you to reach the destination of your choice. Always keep in mind when trading that there is a substantial risk of loss and past performance is not indicative of future results.

Why Choose DTI?

    • WE ALL LIVE IN A GLOBAL MARKET: The reality is that the markets never sleep as they are traded around the world from Asia to Europe to the U.S. each day. Looking at only one market reveals only part of the trading picture of whether to be long, short or out. Rather than just looking at the U.S. market in isolation, as many others do, we maximize our odds by taking a 24-hour global market approach to trading. We’ll teach you how to understand and take into account what happens in the early morning European markets. This can be a crucial step when planning your strategy for trading the U.S. day market.
    • ONE SET OF TOOLS TO TRADE ANY MARKET:  With the DTI Method and our powerful RoadMap™ software, you’ll have one set of tools to enable you to trade ANY market of your choosing whether it be stocks, options, futures, ETF’s, bonds, commodities, currencies, etc.
    • TIMING IS EVERYTHING WITH TRADING:  After more than 38 years trading and analyzing the markets, Tom Busby has realized the markets tend to trend during certain times throughout the day. We’ll show you how to develop a daily strategy that revolves around these key times of the day. You will learn how to increase your odds of trading success, when to stay out of the market to avoid pitfalls, and how to trade without being tied to your computer all day.
    • AFFORDABILITY:  Trading involves leveraging your money so leveraging the cost of your trading education makes perfect sense.  We offer ALL of our students the ability to finance their DTI education over time while learning to trade to make it even more affordable and have made arrangements so that all new and existing students are pre-approved for financing through our financing partner.

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      • BRICKS & MORTAR OR ONLINE: LEARN TO TRADE AT YOUR SPEED AND CONVENIENCE:  In the digital world that we now live in, it would be easy to only offer trading education online. However, we firmly believe in the benefits of learning with face-to-face interaction. Our national training center located in Mobile, Alabama gives our students a place they can come learn to trade in-person from our instructors in an amphitheater-style classroom. We offer BOTH live on-site and on-line classes held multiple times throughout the year so that you can learn at your own pace, choose which type of instruction suits you best, and have the flexibility of learning to trade from anywhere.

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    • QUALITY, CONSISTENCY, AND STABILITY:  You’ll receive unmatched quality and consistency in your instruction learning our trading method from DTI’s founder and 38-year veteran trader, Tom Busby, and DTI’s Chief Instructor Geof Smith–the same people who have taught thousands of DTI students to successfully utilize our method over the years since the company’s founding in 1996.
    • UNMATCHED CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Our unmatched customer support is included at no extra charge with a professional and friendly staff that takes a special interest in getting to know you on a first-name basis and meeting your particular needs. At DTI, we’ll be here for you all along the way to help make your trading education experience as pleasant as possible.


Flexible Programs and Tools to Trade Any Market

We can teach you how to apply our DTI Method in a variety of diversified markets including stocks, options, futures, ETFs, bonds, commodities, currencies, and more.  We are here every step of the way to provide a solid foundation of our proprietary trading techniques.

With your trading goals in mind, our objective is to transfer years of knowledge and experience in stocks, options, futures, commodities, and currencies trading from our DTI educated instructors to enable you to Trade at the Speed of You. From analyzing the German DAX futures market to actually entering and managing a stock trade during earnings season, our programs and tools are designed to slow the market down to a pace that fits your trading style.

Whether you pursue our award-winning Core Education programs or some of our Special Focus Classes or Destination Workshops, each class has a precise purpose and is finely tuned with no fluff. The goal is to get you to your destination by building your trading knowledge and skillset with LIVE on-site and on-line market education.

DTI’s Trading Method

Tested for years by many traders in all different global markets and times, the proprietary DTI Method teaches you to understand what the markets are telling you and aligns them with momentum and key times. At DTI, we use this method every day to teach others how to find trading and investment opportunities within any market.

Personalized Education

At DTI, it’s all about you! Our goal is to teach you to trade at the speed of you based upon your personal goals, your resources, and your available time. Are you a beginner looking to learn how to invest in stocks, options, futures or other securities? Are you a more seasoned trader still experiencing costly mistakes? We are here to help, but first we need a favor from you. Your DTI experience starts by filling out your unique RoadMap™ Profile. Then one of our advisers can put together your customized educational plan comprised of our Core Education, GPS specialty classes, and/or Workshops to help you become the trader you want to be. We want you to be successful and are as committed to you as you are to us.

Our goal is to help you reach your personal trading goals and be successful at the level you decide to attain. Each step of the way, we are here with you guiding, mentoring, and providing you with expert education, coaching and support. Whether you have zero experience trading or have traded for many years, DTI can put together a trading education game plan that is suited to your particular needs.


“We won’t give up on you unless YOU give up on you!”  – Tom Busby


Discover the Trader You Could Be.

DTI has developed a proprietary method for assessing your current trading and putting you on the road to reaching your trading goals much faster. Every trader owes it to
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