Special Focus Classes

In addition to our Core Education, DTI also offers specialty classes focused on specific topics. These classes may be taken individually; however, we recommend taking them after you’ve enrolled in at least one Core Education course. Once you’ve begun the core curriculum, these courses can be added to supplement your understanding of our method and allow you to learn more about topics of particular interest.

German DAX

Learn to trade the German DAX market from Tom Busby and see how it can powerfully improve your overall trading.

Learn how CEO and Founder Tom Busby trades the German DAX market. You’ll see why it’s one of Tom’s favorite futures markets. More than just a stock index, the DAX can improve your trading on multiple fronts. Learn the details and nuances of Tom’s private DAX futures strategy.

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Key Numbers Class

One of the 3 essential components of the DTI method is understanding key numbers comprised of pivots, support, and resistance. These numbers define the market. The first step of the key numbers class is to break down the seemingly complex arrangement of market numbers in order to identify which numbers are key in helping to determine whether to be long, short, or out of the market.

After building that solid foundation, the class expands upon this understanding by using key numbers both in real-time market trading and in preparation for upcoming market opportunities.

This class taught by long-time DTI instructor Chuck Crow is offered twice per quarter primarily online but also on-site at our student facility in Mobile, AL upon the request of more than one student. The 2-day class is generally held on Thursday and Friday from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. Central.

Upcoming class dates for 2014 are as follows:

  • October 16-17
  • November 13-14
  • December 18-19

Prerequisite: A student should be enrolled in at least the Level 2 Core Education class before taking this class.

Testimonial: I have taken some great courses at DTI but one of the gems of the DTI program is Chuck Crow’s “Key Numbers” class. In his class I like to think that he taught me the “language” of the market, giving me an invaluable tool in my trading tool kit. Chuck views and teaches about future indexes however his work is transferable to any market.

His studies are based on the identification of key numbers, providing insights into: future support/resistant levels; market patterns and time frames; trends; and sticky numbers. He also talks about unique and broader based theories of the market and determining probable moves.

His methodology is consistent, reliable and useable in all time frames and trading periods and most important of all transferable to any student of the market (that’s you and me). If the course is not enough, Chuck publishes for his students 2 number packed data sheets daily on future markets which I personally use every day to set up for my futures and equity trades.

In summary the great part of Chuck’s program is that he teaches you how to be him in easy understandable terms, or put a better way, do what he does in preparing his daily newsletters based on the market you choose to trade and explore.
- Will M. (Vancouver, Canada)
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Professional Trader Series (Commodities)

DTI’s comprehensive course for teaching traders its proprietary strategies for trading commodities.

During this 3-day live class held once per year in September, learn how to trade crude oil, bonds, currencies, gold and silver, and grains. This class also includes live trading of these commodities. You can either attend in person at our facility in Mobile, AL or take it online. The price for this class is only $995.

You’ll learn advanced techniques for trading crude oil ETFs and oil futures, US Bond ETFs and bond futures, currency ETFs and currency futures, gold and silver ETFs and gold and silver futures, and grains. This class includes hands-on training and live trading each of these commodities. Listen and take advantage as DTI’s Chief Instructor, Geof Smith, explains his thought process as he makes live trading decisions.

As an example of the great content you’ll receive in this class, check out the below video of Geof Smith live trading the release of the EIA Petroleum Status Report on August 20, 2014.

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Strategic Options Class

Would you like to learn how to trade options in up, down, and sideways markets?

Frank Stanley, PhD, has been trading the markets for over 18 years and is also a 26-year practicing clinical psychologist. After testing many different options strategies, he identified and refined a precise and yet simple trading method based on his DTI education. This method has allowed him to generate income by adapting to market direction, rather than fighting against it.

This live class is a great next step following DTI’s Fundamentals of Options DVD and covers the below topics:

  • Introduction to Options
  • Long and Short Strategies
  • Neutral Strategies
  • Options Pricing Parameters
  • Using the Greeks
  • How to Choose Month/Strike
  • Order Entry Techniques
  • Quote Platforms
  • Advanced Strategies: Speculation and Hedging in Nuetral, Bearish, and Bullish Markets
  • The Psychology of Trading Options
  • Using Credit Spreads and Short Options Effectively
  • Risk Management
  • Earnings Strategies
  • Timeframes: Intraday and Swing

This Options class is taught online every month and is available in person once per quarter.

In combination with the live instruction, this class also includes daily trade alerts via Yahoo IM, and weekly Continuing Education sessions for 1 1/2 hours every Tuesday @ 5PM Central time to review the previous week’s trades and discuss strategies.

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Tape Reading and Technical Analysis (TNT)

Trade with Tom Busby and Damon Pavlatos. This power duo drives you through a high impact trader’s dream course. You will learn market strategy and trading perspective like no other.

Damon Pavlatos is a 32-year trading veteran and former managing director of futures for TD Ameritrade. Throughout his time in the futures industry he has specialized in index futures trading and supplying technical market analysis for various index funds, institutions, and exchange members. From 1981 to 2000, Mr. Pavlatos managed Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) index and floor operations for Shearson American Express, LIT America, Gerald, Inc., Rand Financials, and Schuler Group, LLC. He has had exchange memberships with the CME, Chicago Board of Trade, and Mid America Exchange. Mr. Pavlatos has been featured at trade shows, futures seminars, and in various trading books.

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Psychology for Online Traders

Dr. Frank Stanley PhD is a trader who has been a clinical psychologist for the past 23 years.

What would happen if you could suddenly eliminate your emotional losses? Learn how to transform your emotional trading into winning strategies in this 4-part workshop with clinical psychologist and DTI trader and instructor, Dr. Frank Stanley. If you’re tired of fear and greed sabotaging your trading decisions, this workshop is for you.

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