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Special Focus Classes

In addition to our Core Education, DTI also offers specialty classes focused on specific topics. These classes may be taken individually; however, we recommend taking them after you’ve enrolled in at least one Core Education course. Once you’ve begun the core curriculum, these courses can be added to supplement your understanding of our method and allow you to learn more about topics of particular interest.

Trading the News

Are You Ready to Trade the News?

When you stay in tune with the news, you stay in tune with the markets. The fact of the matter is that markets tend to move when Scheduled News reports come out which, in turn, presents good trading opportunities.

You can trade based on Scheduled News Reports such as the FOMC Announcement, Nonfarm Payroll Report, EIA Petroleum Status Report, the World Ag Supply & Demand Report, CPI, PPI, GDP, ISM, and the Philly Fed. We’ll show you how and what to trade with each of these reports.

In this 3 day, 3 lesson video class delivered straight to your email inbox, you’ll learn the following:

● How to Find Scheduled News to Trade
● What Markets to Trade in Conjunction with Each Scheduled News Item (includes Gold, Crude, Emini S&P, Emini Dow, Dollar Index, Bonds, and Grains)
18 Trade Setups to Take Advantage of Market Breakouts or “Failures” for 9 Different Scheduled News Items



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German DAX

Learn to trade the German DAX market from Tom Busby and see how it can powerfully improve your overall trading.

The German DAX is the European equivalent of the Dow 30. You can not only learn to trade this futures index before the U.S. market opens but since Europe in is control of the global markets from 3:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. CT we also teach you how to use it as an indicator of how the U.S. morning market should perform.

DTI’s CEO and Founder Tom Busby is a leading expert in trading and teaching the German DAX market which is one of his favorites. Learn the details and nuances of Tom’s private DAX futures strategy.

To read more about the DAX and how you may be able to benefit from it,CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR FREE E-BOOK called Dancing with the DAX.

The next class will be held July 23 – 24, 2018.

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The goal of DTI’s Trade-A-Thon is to provide a hands-on, 2-day, LIVE TRADING workshop (offered at DTI’s national training center in Mobile, Alabama or online) where students can trade a variety of markets in real time along with 33-year veteran trader, Tom Busby, and DTI’s Chief Instructor, Geof Smith. Learn how to effectively utilize our trading tools and strategies, manage risk, and maximize profits in stocks, options, and futures.

In the video below, Tom Busby talks to the local Fox morning show about this popular workshop attended by people from all over the country.


● Multiple Contract Trading
● Strategies on How to Take Small Profits and Transform into Big Profits
● Techniques to Overcome Fear of Loss


● January 16 – 18, 2018

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Key Numbers Class

One of the 3 essential components of the DTI method is understanding key numbers comprised of pivots, support, and resistance. These numbers define the market. The first step of the key numbers class is to break down the seemingly complex arrangement of market numbers in order to identify which numbers are key in helping to determine whether to be long, short, or out of the market.

After building that solid foundation, the class expands upon this understanding by using key numbers both in real-time market trading and in preparation for upcoming market opportunities.

This class taught by long-time DTI instructor Chuck Crow is offered twice per quarter primarily online but also on-site at our student facility in Mobile, AL upon the request of more than one student. The 2-day class is generally held on Thursday and Friday from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. Central.

Prerequisite: A student should be enrolled in or have taken the DTI Trader Level 2 class before taking this class.

Testimonial: I have taken some great courses at DTI but one of the gems of the DTI program is Chuck Crow’s “Key Numbers” class. In his class I like to think that he taught me the “language” of the market, giving me an invaluable tool in my trading tool kit. Chuck views and teaches about future indexes however his work is transferable to any market.

His studies are based on the identification of key numbers, providing insights into: future support/resistant levels; market patterns and time frames; trends; and sticky numbers. He also talks about unique and broader based theories of the market and determining probable moves.

His methodology is consistent, reliable and useable in all time frames and trading periods and most important of all transferable to any student of the market (that’s you and me). If the course is not enough, Chuck publishes for his students 2 number packed data sheets daily on future markets which I personally use every day to set up for my futures and equity trades.

In summary the great part of Chuck’s program is that he teaches you how to be him in easy understandable terms, or put a better way, do what he does in preparing his daily newsletters based on the market you choose to trade and explore.
– Will M. (Vancouver, Canada)
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