Online Trading Education

Core Education Overview

The Diversified Trading Institute’s primary mission is to teach the art of trading. Through the DTI Method, we will teach you how to navigate the markets by taking a global viewpoint. During our three-level DTI Trader Educational Program, you will receive a comprehensive education in futures, stocks and options. With the reinforcement and repetition our students experience through live trading alongside our professional traders in the DTI Educational TradeRoom, you will build the confidence to use the DTI Method to trade at your highest level.


Learn & Earn – The DTI Method

Level 1 Shield
More than just the basics, Level 1 of our core educational program will teach you the method our students plan to use for a lifetime of trading. We believe Level 1 offers a broad education on the global markets that will help novice traders learn the depth of market and will help experienced traders fine-tune their skills.

Learning the DTI Method will allow you the opportunity to make the all important next step in your trading education. We strive to turn novice traders into great traders. The goal of the DTI Method is to help you identify the highest probability trades the market has to offer at any time.

Over the course of 9 modules, you will learn the following:

24-hour market

Whether you are a novice trader just getting started or a market veteran, you have probably realized how important timing can be to your trading success. That is why most traders learn and depend on technical analysis. Here at the Diversified Trading Institute, we go a step further than what any technical indicator can offer. We teach you to view the markets from a 24-hour perspective. Believe it or not, the U.S., European and Asian markets all have an effect on each other. By trading from the perspective of a 24-hour clock, we can more accurately identify trends. You will learn the various futures markets you must follow to develop a “big picture” view of the 24-hour global market.

Key Numbers

Support and Resistance are pivotal levels you must understand to identify trend continuations and reversals. These levels develop due to the buying and selling taking place in the market. Most traders are well aware of the importance of these market defined pivot points. But did you know there are historical support and resistance levels that can hold just as much importance as these market defined levels? Over the course of 21 years developing the RoadMap™ Software, Tom Busby and the DTI Team have identified these historical key numbers to give you even more of a trading edge.


If you are confused or intimidated by options, this module is the right place for you. We will teach you the very basics of what options are from the standpoint of how to trade them. This includes understanding time decay and Delta strategies to determine entries and exits. You will learn everything from how to buy and sell calls and puts, to the various different multi-leg strategies we use to minimize risk and maximize potential profits.

Risk Management

Identifying and managing risk is a key component of successful trading. We do not make a trade unless we have defined our risk. You will learn the proprietary techniques we use to identify risk before entering a trade and managing risk once we are in a trade.

Trading Basics

Sometimes it is best to go back to the basics. Within this module you will learn the fundamentals of stocks, futures, and options, including the different order types you will be using to trade the DTI Method.

RoadMap™ Software

The RoadMap™ software is our proprietary market analysis software that serves as the central tool for applying the DTI Method. For the past 21 years, the RoadMap™ has been continuously updated to help keep you on the winning side of the market. Within this module you will learn the top 5 features of the RoadMap™ software that our traders have found most useful. Learn more!

The Horse Race Trade

We’ll also teach you how to recognize, setup, and place one of our proprietary trades known as The Horse Race Trade. We’ll show you how to avoid being tied to your computer, as this trade potentially occurs each morning during the US market cash open and is typically over in less than 1 hour.


The DTI Trader Educational Program is an on demand program designed for you to learn and trade at the speed of you. Whether you are interested in trading stocks, futures or options, Level 1 will provide a solid foundation for trading using the DTI Method.

Included with your Level 1 education is the following:

  • 3 months of DTI’s 24-Hour Global TradeRoom
  • RoadMap™ market analysis software 
  • RoadMap™ Trader class featuring 15 sessions on how to trade using the RoadMap™ software
  • Unlimited access to the on-demand Level 1 educational program (videos and materials) accessed through your MyDTI student portal


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Index Futures

Level 2 Shield
Level 2 is where we will guide you into the world of applying the DTI Method and what you’ve learned to the live futures market. You will have the privilege of trading index futures live with our professional traders within DTI’s 24-Hour Global TradeRoom. There is no quicker way to learn to trade than to trade live with the help of experienced traders. 

One good trade setup can be all you need to start trading the markets with consistency. During Level 2, you will learn 8 proprietary index futures trades that our professional traders and students actively use. Plus, you will learn how to use futures for DTI’s popular Horse Race Trade. You can focus on one trade, or learn to trade multiple setups. Either way, we want you Trading at the speed of You.

As a bonus, you will gain access to a live 2-hour trading class each month covering these trade setups. These live sessions are a great opportunity to review what you’ve learned to be sure you are following the DTI Method in the manner we intend it to be used.

Included with your Level 2 education is the following:

  • 3 months of DTI’s 24-Hour Global TradeRoom
  • RoadMap™ market analysis software 
  • RoadMap™ Trader class featuring 15 sessions on how to trade using the RoadMap™ software
  • 12-month access to a live trading class from 8-10am CT each month covering trade setups
  • Unlimited access to the on-demand Level 2 educational program (videos and materials) accessed through your MyDTI student portal


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All Access

Level 3 Shield
With the hands-on knowledge and experience gained from Level 3, you’ll learn what it takes to be a self-sufficient trader in multiple markets. You will have the opportunity to expand your trading experience into the commodity and currency futures markets. As an All Access member, you will be the first to know about any new exciting classes we offer in-house or from outside professionals. 

If your goal is to trade multiple markets without depending on someone else to make trading decisions for you, this is where that critical transition from student to practitioner takes place. Learn the advanced application of the DTI Method in the live market with instructor led trading of stocks, options, futures, ETFs, commodities and currencies. We’ll also teach you the trading psychology we believe is needed when trading multiple markets.

With your level 3 education, you will receive access to everything in-house DTI has to offer. This includes all specialty classes and webinars we may hold on commodities, trading the news, and more! You will also gain access to any of our very popular online and in-person Trade-a-Thon events held throughout your subscription year.

Included with your All Access package is the following:

  • 12 months of DTI’s 24-Hour Global TradeRoom
  • 12 months TBUZ trade room and text trading service
  • 12 months DAX Class trade room and educational program
  • Access to Trade-a-Thon events held online and in-person throughout your subscription year
  • Seat at our annual Destination Workshop (travel and stay expenses not included)
  • RoadMap™ market analysis software 
  • RoadMap™ Trader class featuring 15 sessions on how to trade using the RoadMap™ software
  • Sunday night planning sessions with Tom Busby to help you prepare and strategize for the upcoming trading week
  • Unlimited access to the DTI Trader Educational Program (videos and materials) accessed through your MyDTI student portal
  • Access to all DTI Special Focus Classes and materials offered during your subscription

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