This one market has created more multi-million dollar traders than any other.

It’s the one market most traders know about, but take for granted, or worse completely ignore.

And it’s the one market that holds the pedigree of… most diversified and most liquid.

The market I'm talking about is the S&P 500.

And the trading vehicle I prefer to trade is... The SPY ETF

I’ve had the privilege of trading the S&P 500 futures since its inception.

I make all my SPY trades based on this market, the granddaddy of them all.

And I’m ready to share my personal trades with you.

The same trades that brought in over $32,000 for me in just 6 trading days.

  • Increase your returns substantially
  • Spend considerably less time in front of your computer
  • 5-10 minutes a day is all it takes

Simply listen to my trade alert and enter the trades I hand pick according to market conditions, based on 40+ years of experience.

Or you can keep struggling along like most retail traders trying to figure out what works on their own.

You don’t need to learn leveraged ETF’s, cryptocurrency or any new trade-able asset that promises out-sized returns.

You don’t need the latest greatest pre-market scanner to find cheap, thinly traded and risky stocks.

You just need to learn to trade the largest market in the world, the S&P 500…

And that’s exactly what I’m offering you with my brand new trade service...

With the T-SPY Pro trade service, you get

  • A SPY trade delivered to your text inbox between 8:45-9:15am CST every Monday-Thursday
  • 3 types of orders to expect: Call or Put Spread, Debit or Credit, or No Trade
  • My best pick for the day... the right combination of options for that day based on what the market is giving us
  • Strategies that are short-term or long-term... you get to decide
  • Trade sheets providing every detail you need: entry, exit, stop loss, target, net profit, or no trade
  • Every detail you need is defined up front: entry, target and risk
  • Projected, but not limited to, 190 trades throughout the year

T-SPY Pro is a service dedicated to making your trading simpler.

Just 30 minutes a day and one step closer to your financial freedom.

I originally opened up this service to only the first 75 subscribers and we sold out in no time at all...

After running the beta group we knew we have something special.

So this offer will apply to the next 50 subscribers.

But first I want you to look at the following strategy and charts.



2019 RESULTS - +54%


Here's how T-SPY Pro works for you!

You have two options:

  1. You can sit back and wait for text/email instructions with all the pertinent trade information: entry, risk and targets. We set T-SPY Pro up this way so you can experience outstanding trading results without having to change anything about your normal daily routine. Most of our subscribers prefer it this way, especially those with full-time jobs. Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of T-SPY Pro even with a full-time job! We design our trades so the critical trade information can be sent out to everyone via text/email with ample time to place the orders into the market. Sometimes the market moves fast, but the vast majority of our trades are entered via limit orders, allowing you to get in and get out at our preferred price!
  2. You can spend the morning with Tom Busby and his trading operations team (Adam and Jonathan) inside the T-SPY Pro Trade Room. Adam and Jonathan sit in Tom's office and relay everything back to the members in the room. This is not limited to just trade information. We're talking everything that Tom looks at! What are the issues doing? Are we above or below our daily key numbers? What is seasonality and market sentiment telling us? What are the market leaders doing? You don't just get SPY trades, you get full, comprehensive market analysis that you can use for other trade ideas and manage your entire portfolio! Inside the trade room you'll also have direct access to text back and forth with other members, passing along trade ideas and gather a thorough understanding of the DTI Method to trading the markets.

Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of T-SPY Pro even with a full-time job!

"Tom stays cool thru it all.  Thanks for keeping us on the right side and a step ahead."
~ Leslie T.

It is truly amazing what he sees and then shares with us!
~ Elaine F.

"Always trust a pro; if you have doubt then you need someone to help make the right decision."
~ Roger M.

"TSPY is a Green Cash Machine!"
~ John G.

T-SPY Pro is easy for you to implement into your trading

  • Trades are received at the same time every day
  • Great for you if you have a full-time job
  • And you don't have to have a lot of experience

It's strictly the SPY, the most liquid market in the world... no searching for the right stock.

Can you afford to lose out on $25,000 or more?

When you go to this link >>>T-SPY Pro<<< or click the button below, you'll go to a page requesting your information and method of payment. Go ahead and enter it here and you will instantly receive an email providing you instant access to all pertinent information to get started.

You don't just get SPY trades.
You get full, comprehensive market analysis that you can use for
other trade ideas and manage your entire portfolio!

Kate L.

TSPY Pro Member

"T-SPY Pro has extra value!

Though T-SPY Pro is primarily a morning text and trade program, how great it was to get an extra trade late in the day!

In at 3.24, out at 3.44 -- netted me a 6+% gain in less than a half hour!

Value and exceeding expectations is standard operating procedure at DTI.

Thank you Tom and DTI staff! 

I am a very happy" trader :)

The value of this opportunity speaks for itself.

I pulled in over $30,000 in one week...

You'll be part of an elite group of T-SPY traders who recognize the potential for outstanding profits, all while trading one of the most liquid trading assets.

The retail price of this service should be at least $10,000. But I've decided to lower that down to $2,500 for yearly membership.

Now, for this very limited time offer, I'm allowing new members back into T-SPY Pro at a steep 28% discount!

You can get one year access at an incredibly low price of $1,297... Only 50 23 more spots available!

Here's Your 100% Performance Guarantee

"If my T-SPY Pro trade setups don't make money during any month of your subscription, I will add an extra month to the end of your subscription."

Imagine making $1,000, $5,000, even as much as $30,000 in a week... all on the heavily traded, highly liquid SPY ETF.

Become a T-SPY Pro elite trader and allow me to give you the potential for outstanding gains.

See you on the flip side!

Tom Busby

P.S.  I originally limited this special priced offer to only the first 75 subscribers! 

       I'm opening up 50 23 more spots for T-SPY Pro!

        Don't miss your opportunity to trade right alongside a professional SPY trader!

Tom Busby's T-SPY Pro

Click the button below to join me for my next SPY trade. Plus, get instant access to all the pertinent information you need to get started!

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