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Tom Busby - TBUZ / TSPY Pro / TBUZ Moneyball

Tom Busby's trading career dates back to the late 1970s. Quoted and published in Futures magazine and Active Trader magazine, he actively trades and invests in futures, stocks, futures options and stock options. Tom is recognized as one of the first educators to trade live in front of an audience, and he still enjoys to do so to this day.

Geof A. Smith - TGAS

An active trader and investor for 30+ years, Geof trades futures, equities and options trading, including trading commodity option futures. Geof took an instrumental role in developing the DTI Method, and now holds the role of Chief Instructor for DTI. Geof and Tom provide a variety of trade services to fit a variety of needs and life-style choices.

TBUZ Trade on AAPL

New AAPL Trade 1633 - BTO 265 Call expires Nov 29 for around 3.85. Risk 0.50 on this trade.

Resulted in 21% profits in just 2 trading days!

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TSPY Pro Trade on SPY

New SPY Trade 124 - Exp Dec 31, BTO 314 Call for 2.35 or less. Use a 0.50 stop to cover risk.

Resulted in 8% profits in a few hours!

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TGAS Trade on DOW

Buying Nov 29, 48 call for 1.80 or lower if above 47 after 8:45am CT

Resulted in 200% profits in just 7 trading days!

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TBUZ Trade on DIA

New DIA Trade 1616 - BTO 277 Call. Expires Dec 6, 2019. Do this for around 2.30. Risk .50 on the trade.

Resulted in 238% profits in just 4 trading days!

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TGAS Trade on SLB

Buying Feb 32.50 call for 2.40 or lower if above 31.50 after 8:45am CT

Resulted in 110% profits in just 17 trading days!

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TBUZ Trade on HD

New HD Trade 1600 - STO 215 Put at the market. Expires 12/20/2019. Currently around 2.05

Resulted in 25% premium collected in just 5 trading days!

Learn More about TBUZ

TGAS Trade on PNC

Buying Nov 15, 140/150 call spread for 3.70 or lower if above 140 after 8:45am CT

Resulted in 100% profits in just 15 trading days!

Learn More about TGAS

Brooks M.

Largo, FL

DTI Student since 2018

"I have paid for every DTI trade service during the first week with the trades I received."

Mark E.

Longmont, CO

DTI Student since 2018

"Thanks for mentioning target in the recording today. I bought the 120/130 December 20 call spread for 350. In about 10 minutes I started taking profit at 4:50 and sold the final order at 5:50, all within 20 minutes. That might have been the quickest several thousand dollars I have ever made. Thanks to you!!"

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