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Turbocharge your returns with daily actionable trade alerts sent directly to your text and email inbox, or trade live in our private trade rooms.

Tom and his experienced traders help you grow your account right away with these active trade services.

Receive exact risk management parameters and targets they use in their own accounts to pull profits like 100% on PNC, 110% on WFC, 46% on XLK, 38% on DIA , 45% on AMZN and 41% on wheat, 34% on gold – all in a matter of days!

Trade alongside them during up, down and sideways trends while enjoying exuberant profits and avoiding cliffhanger dangers in the markets without emotion.

Receive day-to-day and week-to-week coaching based on their over 180 years combined market experience.

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TBUZ Text and Trade

Tom Busby brings you 40+ years of experience rolled up into one single service, dedicated to trading the odds and making money a simple process any trader can follow. You get a weekly planning session, weekly trade session, flash briefings during peak volatility, and trade signals sent directly to your text and email inbox. 

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Simple. Effective. Profitable. Tom Busby's T-SPY Pro offers you a trade service dedicated solely to trading just the SPY S&P 500 ETF. If that doesn't sound too exciting for you, how does 72% accuracy, more than 100 winners and over $3,300 of profits so far in 2019 sound?

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TBUZ Moneyball

Day trading with a pro. Tom Busby shows you his unique strategies for pulling intraday profits out of the market, via stock options.

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TGAS - Trading with Geof A. Smith

Tom Busby mentored DTI's Chief Instructor Geof Smith into the trader he is today. So it makes sense for Geof to run a trade service of his own. With a focus on swing trading stock options and special bonus  trades on commodity futures (Geof's bread and butter trading!), you get actionable daily insights to set orders and create a watch list full of seasonally strong trade ideas. 

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TON - Trading Options at Night

Did you know that about 70% of the markets profit opportunities occur overnight? Up until now, these profitable trading opportunities have been a well kept secret by the trading elite and the sharks of Wall Street. The TON Series will teach you simple techniques to make money overnight, all while your trading competition is struggling to get a good night's sleep.

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The best way to learn is from a mentor. With DTI's Trade-a-Thon's, you get to come witness Tom Busby in person, trade and educate live with a classroom full of like minded traders just like you.

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DTI Traderoom

The DTI Traderoom is a community unlike any other, open 24 / 5 and nothing but like-minding traders showing up to communicate, elaborate together and make money. 

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Charlie Finn's Options Room

Charlie Finn started trading options in the mid-1970’s – shortly after the CBOE opened. For the last several years, Charlie has been trading options full time and recently joined DTI as a mentor for a short-term options trading room.

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The most critical market information for the day's trading.
Straight to your email inbox before the cash market opens.
Tom Busby saves you time & shows you his best trade ideas.


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Midweek Market Update Every Week

In this update I will show you exactly what is happening in the market every week, and offer advice on how we can utilize this information to get the best shot at profit.


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One Tom's Portfolio Planning Session Every Month

Here I will show you exactly how to plan your portfolio to maximize gains for the upcoming month.


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