U.S. Leaders Head to Foreign Lands, Earnings Reports and Much More!

President Joe Biden (left) and Vice President Kamala Harris (right)

It seems like every week provides new and exciting events for individuals interested in playing and studying the markets. Well, folks, the days ahead are no different as we’ve got another big week ahead of us…

The Week Begins…

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Starting us out this Monday, Apple takes center stage as CEO Tim Cook is set to kick off the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference to unveil some new updates coming to the company’s platform later this year.

Facebook continues to open more offices in our new post-pandemic world as their San Francisco offices are set to be the latest to allow staff to return to work. This comes just a couple weeks after Facebook announced another one of their Northern California campuses would be opening to employees showing that even the liberal, social media giant is starting to ease up on corona restrictions.

In politics, Vice President Kamala Harris is set to take her first international trip in office to Guatemala and Mexico. Harris has been under heavy scrutiny the past couple months from Republican leaders for not following up on her border crisis duties since being assigned the responsibility by President Biden. Though the Vice President will be visiting our southern neighbor this week, no plans are known as to whether or not she will finally visit the U.S./Mexico border to see first-hand the many issues she was so eager to criticize the Trump administration on.

Midweek Events

Midweek, all eyes are expected to be on Gamestop as the company is expected to release their earnings reports at their annual shareholders meeting this Wednesday.

After the rush of Gamestop activity investors saw in the early part of 2021, many are eager to see if stock officials have any other surprises up their sleeves. Especially since it’s also expected that Chewy.com founder Ryan Cohen will be announced as the company’s newest chairman of the board and, along with his new title, he brings new ideas to the company that he hopes will transform the physical media retailer into a major e-commerce player that has the ability to sell a wide variety of merchandise to customers.

Wrapping up Wednesday, Colonial Pipeline CEO Joseph Blount is expected to meet with officials on Capitol Hill to discuss the recent cyber-attack (perpetrated by the Russian ransomware group Darkside) that shut down the company’s 5,500-mile pipeline and left millions on the U.S. east coast fearing a fuel shortage.

Wrapping the Week Up

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (left) and U.S. President Joe Biden (right)

The latter half of the week starts out with the latest jobless claims data being released by D.C. After a lackluster response to the previous two months reports, officials have their fingers crossed that this report will better show U.S. economic and employment recovery.

In the auto industry, both TESLA and Ford are expected to present big news for their upcoming vehicles (the TESLA Model S Plaid and the FordF-150 Raptor respectively.)

… And as for President Biden, Friday he heads overseas to attend the Group of Seven summit in Cornwall, England. He’s also expected to attend the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussels during his visit. The meetings will put Biden face-to-face with many European leaders and give him an opportunity to speak on the U.S.’s behalf on a variety of domestic and foreign issues.

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Clearly, this week has been packed to the brim with events that could and will impact the markets in the days ahead. As such, it’s we here at DTI can think of no better way to start your week out than joining DTI founder and head trader Tom Busby below as he sits down to help prepare you and your investments for the coming days.

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