The First Trading Week of May! Here’s What to Expect…

This Monday marks the first trading day of May and U.S. stock futures managed to move higher in the Sunday overnight markets as the S&P gained 0.45%, the DOW rose about 125 points and the NASDAQ went up 0.33%.

Many investors are predicting as global consumer confidence continues to rally as we continue deeper into the post-pandemic world, the markets will remain on this recent upward trend.

This is just the news many investors were hoping for as we enter into another trading week full of newly released earnings reports and market excitement.

More Q1 Earnings Reports Ahead!

Last week’s batch of earnings reports (Amazon specifically… READ MORE HERE) managed to shock some investors and corporate officials as the data proved to be better than anticipated allowing many on Wall Street to go into their weekend with a big grin on their faces.

This week could prove to be just as enticing as pandemic headliners like Phizer and Moderna are up to bat, expected to release data on their First Quarter earnings.

Those interested in learning about Phizer’s earnings should have access to the much-anticipated data as of Tuesday morning (May 3rd). Those waiting for Moderna, however, will have a longer wait as this data won’t be released until later in the week (Thursday, May 5th.)

More Big News…

This week’s earnings reports will not center around pharmaceuticals entirely, however, as major sectors like travel, hospitality, entertainment, technology and the automotive industry are expected to be represented in this week’s reports. This includes such big names as Caesars Entertainment, T-Mobile, General Motors, Hilton Worldwide Holdings and Uber Technologies to name a few.

Another expected announcement eagerly awaited by many not just on Wall Street but in D.C. as well will be Wednesday’s release of the ADP’s National Employment Report for the month of April. This report follows a month where the U.S. saw private sector job growth of 517,000. Many are keeping their fingers crossed that the new report will show an even better return which would only stoke some officials’ hopes that the U.S. and its economy will be able to continue this upward growth in our post-pandemic world.

Learn More Here…

There’s much to be expected in the week ahead and none of it is certain. The one thing we can say for certain, however, is that despite this week’s outcome, the DTI team will be here with you. Helping you and your investments work towards the best outcome possible.

We’re starting right now as DTI founder and head trader Tom Busby sits down with you below to discuss what he’s predicting for the week ahead and to introduce you to a few trading strategies that might be able to help you get through the upcoming week with a little less stress and a little more excitement.

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