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The short clip to the right shows Geof Smith's daily pre-market video of his recent equity option trade on CAG.

The result? 

158% Gains in 6 days!

Don't Miss the Next Big Winner!



Chief Instructor, Geof Smith, will supercharge your stock watchlist with 5 daily equities to watch for momentum swings, pinpointed using DTI's proprietary stock seasonality tool!


Get updates on market shifting economic news reports, important earnings announcements set to send stocks higher, stock seasonality to take advantage of historical trends and much more, including commodity reports and a look at the overall health of the market!

Personal Coaching

Geof's daily video includes step-by-step guidance on his trading plans that day. Plus, Geof hosts monthly review session to go over past and current positions, trading strategies for the current market landscape and what to expect from TGAS over the next month!

How About Geof's TGAS Service Performance?

It's nothing short of outstanding... 

2019 YTD Profits = over 83%

Since Inception (July 2016) with reinvestment = over 1000%!

Geof's Daily Email Includes...

Top 3-5 Stocks he is watching for the day


Video detailing his top option trade for the day


Commodity swing trade

With a TGAS subscription you get:

  • Geof's top 3-5 stocks he's watching that day
  • Geof's top stock option trade for the day with specific entry/exit instructions
  • Geof's favorite commodity swing trade
  • Daily market analysis
  • Monthly review sessions

Still wondering what TGAS is?

Click the video below watch a short description of TGAS from DTI's Chief Instructor, Geof Smith

What to Expect from the TGAS Service

Each morning Geof will...

  • Select a specific stock and/or futures contract
  • Look at support and resistance
  • Look for buying or shorting opportunities at specified prices
  • Look at the risk involved
  • Identify targets to take profit on each trade
  • Look for primary swing trade setups

Hi Geof,


What I like about your presentations and service is that you are not full of hype and do not present yourself as the wonderful guru who is worth thousands of dollars for folks to be manipulated to pay through extravagant hopes. You are a real person who is doing the best you can to do the best you can at trading, and wanting to help us to do the best we can. You are real, and I appreciate that.


Keep up the good work. Thanks again for your service and for making these recordings.


All the best,


Tim S.

TGAS Subcriber

Test Drive!

TGAS - 3 Months


  • Geof's top 3-5 stocks 
  • Geof's top option trade
  • Geof's commodity trade
  • Daily market analysis
  • 30 day access

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