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Test Drive

For the Skeptic – “Prove it to me!”

Get gold in the pocket™ experience directly from Geof Smith and Tom Busby in this easy to understand directional trade service called TGAS.

For one year, every morning before the cash market opens, the best 1-2 trades Geof has to offer arrive in your email box along with valuable & concise market commentary with

  • Exact entries,
  • Targets, and
  • Exits

on long call limited risk options or contracts with stock and credit spread alternatives

Add diversity to your portfolio and double-digit returns like:

  • 131% on AMAT in three weeks
  • 46% on GS in 10 days
  • 67% in VMW in four days

Place the trade parameters on your platform before the cash open and then enjoy other activities during the day.

On Sunday night for four weeks, get revved up with Tom Busby who provides you with Tom's best weekly analysis in his live private trade room just after the futures market opens. Seriously, did you know the S&P 500 opened on Sunday night?

Designed to deliver consistent limited risk income using simple language and ease of entry, this package builds accounts while transferring knowledge about the 24-hour markets

It comes loaded with Quick and easy encyclopedia type education on the topics you need like stocks, options, commodities, and making money with news. All of these you access when it’s convenient for you on MyDTI login. Repeat the lessons as often as you like.

Quick Start

For Those Ready for Consistent Results – “I’m tired of the insanity!”

Get Ice in the veins, Steel in the gut, and Gold in the pocket™ with this fast track method to profits.

Included are the three crucial ingredients we believe you need to reach your goals in the fastest way possible:

  • The power of RoadMap™  - Ice in the Veins™
  • Knowledge Transfer Results - Steel in the Gut™
  • Proven Master Trader Leadership - Gold in the Pocket™

Ready to Race

Our Broadest Most Complete Offering Customized for YOU.

Get going with our Gold Level custom package of core offerings and hand selected package based on your goals, experience level and available time.

This is by far our best and most complete package designed to get you where you want to go complete with bench marks and reinforcement.

Work with an experience guide and receive the customized route to best suite you and your needs.

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