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TBUZ Text and Trade was a HUGE SUCCESS in 2019!

Subscribers saw unreal trade results last year.

Accuracy over 70%

Profits over 78%


"TBUZ Text and Trade manages risk to allow the rewards to pay. 
It's a well-oiled money machine!" 
~ Allan

And 2020 is starting out to be an even BETTER YEAR!

So far in 2020, TBUZ Text and Trade profits are up over 20%, all while trading with an accuracy rate over 75%!

Don't miss out on the next Trade Session!

Hello Trader,

My name is Tom Busby, founder of the Diversified Trading Institute, and I've been trading the markets for over 40 years.

I started trading options for Merrill Lynch in 1980 before becoming Vice President of Smith Barney in 1984. I've also traded the S&P 500 and NASDAQ futures since their inception and was uniquely selected by the European Eurex exchange to travel around the U.S. to introduce trading the German DAX Index to high-net-worth individuals. 

In 1996 I started the Diversified Trading Institute (DTI) to help investors of all types learn how to grow their "nest egg," and about 5 years ago I began what has become DTI's premier text and trade service.

TBUZ Text and Trade service targets high probability setups for stock options for routine double and triple digit profit opportunities!

This service allows you to take advantage of high probability trade setups with my professional guidance.

The best part is you don't need a large amount of money to start to grow your account.

Most of my subscribers are one-lot traders.

Learn how to spot the opportunities that returned the consecutive closed trade returns I mentioned above.

And learn how to spot double and triple digit profit opportunities such as some of these 2019 returns...

Or how about a streak of 41 winners out of 44 straight credit spread trades in 2018...

That's an astounding 93% win rate, and just a small investment of $1,000 in each trade would have produced over $8,400 in profits!

The next win streak has already begun. Don't Miss Out any longer!

Here's what our dedicated members are saying.

Tom and the TBUZ Crew (with a special shout out to Kelley for getting me into this) I am now 2 weeks in and am loving it. Now for the #s:

  • 16-1
  • Gains of $2,391
  • That covers the cost of 2 TBUZ YOGI's AND 1 year of Roadmap (2 * 888 + $497 = 2,297)

Now for the downside, I just bought the Labor Day Special so I am back in the hole! Now let's get to work!


~ Alex M


You are the AMZN master. Thanks for another great winning trade today. 65% profit in a couple of hours-outstanding!

~ Rick L

Tom today I invested $13,188.22 and netted $3998.31 for a 30.3% return in one day……THANKS !!

~ James H


You provide a lifeline to my trading.

~ Arun B

I purchased 200 shares of ITT @ $46.70 on TBUZ recommendation. I have sold one contract for 33% gain and am holding one contract with a target of $80 for a 90% gain on it. I have an alert at $56.70 for 20% gain. Thank you Tom for your guidance.

~ Donna H

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You receive all of the trades through an email and a text.

You get all of the necessary details of each trade: when to enter, when to exit, and any predetermined targets!

You also get real time updates on open trades throughout each day.

Plus, take advantage of Flash Briefings during pivotal market turning points for potential triple digit profit opportunities!

Time is running out and please don't let this chance to join me for high probability, low risk, and huge double and triple digit profit opportunities slip by you.

P.S. This $4,500 annual subscription would average $375 per month. But I want you to experience the same high probability trade setups my current students are you enjoying, so for a limited time you will get a 8 months of TBUZ Text and Trade for only $888!

But that's not the real value here. The real value is the education you will receive on how to navigate any market on your own, without my help.

Plus, I want all of my students to be successful, so I encourage them to call me whenever they want.

Don't be left behind! The next Planning Session is Sunday night at 8:00pm CT!

Take advantage of this special opportunity today!

What are you waiting for? Start earning now!

All the best,

Tom Busby

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