When you trade with your own money and a trade starts to go against you, it’s easy to get disoriented and let your emotions take over.

Trading requires you to have a plan, be calm and be confident.

To do that, you have to trust your controls — your dashboard, just like a pilot.

Direction. Timing. Probability.

RoadMap™ software is the set of controls my first student, Geof Smith, and I developed to prove the method and thereby transfer confidence and calmness to our students.

It’s the ice in our veins right when it counts on direction, timing and probability. 

Simple, reliable and repeatable, it’s used to make us money each day. 

In fact, it quickly takes us through the exact process we use in each of our trade services – See the results.

RoadMap™ Software's Most Popular Features

RoadMap™ Compass

The Compass is the heartbeat of the DTI Method, answering the question of long, short or out. You get a metrics box of key numbers to trade any market, plus buy and sell zones based on historical price action that can trigger trade entries using breakout or value based trading strategies.

RoadMap™ ETR

The ETR (Electronic Tape Reader) was designed to emulate the old school Globex Terminals (ticker tape), so you can utilize tape reading strategies to trade.  The ETR page helps you answer the crucial initial question: “Should I be long, short, or out of the market?”

Portfolio Manager

A proprietary tool included with the RoadMap™ Software that functions as a momentum scanner. The Portfolio Manager will alert you to what markets are trending off the current reference bar. The row of each market will light up green or red when it enters the buy or sell zones. This is our first indication of which markets are trending.

Horse Race

DTI's Horse Race visually displays the percent change from open in an easy to understand bar graph so you can determine strong and weak markets. Any stock, ETF, futures or commodity can be added to the Horse Race, providing you efficient visual ques to what is trending and what is not - the key to making money trading momentum.

DTIC Report - RoadMap™ Seasonality Screener 

A favorite tool of DTI's Chief Instructor Goef Smith, the DTIC Report is our proprietary swing trading stock scanner. The DTIC (DTI Code) Report will scan 10 years of historical data to find the highest probability swing trading setup for any stock traded on U.S. exchanges. This report is dedicated to the swing trading enthusiast who understands the importance of seasonality and each stock's unique "code" for how it tends to behave throughout the year. Industry and business cycles, earnings trends, and stock movement based off economic reports can all be captured with this unique scanner. Our DTIc tools are truly a swing trader's dream. 

RoadMap™ confidently answers the question long short of out of the market, and it provides every component of trade management: stop loss, entry, profit targets.

It’s intuitive, so it’s easy to learn. And it comes with a coach to help you get up to speed – Mach speed.

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