Ice in the Veins. Steel in the Gut. Gold in the Pocket.

Limitless is how we describe the opportunity in this financial trading world.  

We’re doing it, and our results show it, both in our ability to pull profits out of the market and transfer the skill to others.

Yet it’s a well-known fact, most people lose a lot of money in the markets.

  • 1
    They don’t truly understand trading and investing.
  • 2
    They cave under pressure, and they chase after absurd profits.
  • 3
    Simply put, trading is harder than most people think.

It’s time to stop the lunacy and get moving with a proven plan.

People like you say to us all the time, “If only I could see the market like you with confidence and calmness.” We recommend the Quick Start Rapid Results Package.

Quick Start Rapid Results – Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone.

Great for people with full-time jobs and for people who play golf 3 to 4 times a week, because this "guide directed, knowledge transferred, power driven tool with a plan" provides 24-hour trading opportunities for day traders, swing traders and investors who trade stocks, options and / or futures.

This means if you want to trade at night, you learn how to pull profits in the futures market. If you swing trade, you learn our best, most popular set ups. If you trade options, you’ll be wowed by our newest Pops and Drops feature -- and your account will love our proprietary options trades. The package is flexible for your schedule, and the very best part is that the method is the same for all trading styles and for all types of markets, proven by our Gold in the pockettrade service results.

Ice in the Veins

Take action with calmness, handle adversity, remove fear and greed using a simple yet powerful tool.

This is our annual RoadMap software subscription - designed to give you Ice in your veins Right when it counts™. Think direction, timing and probability. We’re talking steak, not marketing hype and sizzle. It’s the 800# gorilla, and we don’t trade without this intuitive, easy-to-use yet powerful workhorse.

It helps you know how much to load your boat, and it completely removes guessing from any equation.

Steel in the Gut 

Like iron injected to your blood stream, get infused with concise time-tested knowledge from Tom and Geof to win in the market and make more money as you improve.

This interactive Knowledge Transfer hits you right where you need it when you need it and includes modules such as:

  • Trade Management
  • DTI Rapid Start Trader Course
  • 67% Accuracy module
  • The best ways to trade options – for the newbie and most advanced options trader – you’ll be amazed how our proprietary methods trading options pull profits from the market.
  • Our most popular trade setup – The Horse Race Trade
  • Day trading, Swing trading, Investment trading
  • The 24-hour market
  • Stock selection, Option selection
  • Direction, Timing and Probabilities

Gold in the Pocket  

We want you to make money following and mimicking a proven expert master of the market, so we’ve included experienced guides – Tom, Geof, Jonathan and others in this Quick Start Rapid Results package.

All successful Traders had a guide who coached them along the way.

Our guides not only help you enjoy returns like 100% on PNC, 110% on WFC, 46% on XLK, and 41% on wheat, 34% on gold, they also help make sure your software is working correctly and that you’re reaching personal goals.

Get three months of Tom’s Elite Sunday Night Service. Log onto his live broadcast where he lays out the week with real market scenarios giving you actionable trade ideas along with his very own personal plan for the week.

Get one year of TGAS. This is Geof’s easy to understand simple directional trade service. Every morning, before the cash market opens, he tells you in email and on video the trade he is taking with all the parameters… The target, the risk, the entry points… Everything you need to know. Simply place it on your platform to trigger based on the parameters he’s giving you. Get 4-5 stock trading ideas as well commodity trade. Geof is phenomenal at trading commodities … It’s a great way to add diversity to your portfolio and understand the determining factors underlying the economy.

Get a technical guide!  Jonathan Rowe… He makes it easy!! He literally comes onto your computer and makes sure your software is set up and that you understand how to use the My DTI members’ area.

On top of that, you get your own personal adviser -- either Jeffrey O. or Kelley. They are experienced advisor whose clients love working them. They make sure you’re getting everything out of the program you deserve – and they help you get you where you want to go.

All of this is part of our Gold in the Pocket™ trade service provided to you in this Quick Start Rapid Results package.

Proof it Works 

The real proof is what our clients say about us – and their results. Hugh came to us dissatisfied with the results he was getting using his unreliable method. Here’s what he sent us after one day of trades with DTI during a special Gold in the Pocket™ transfer Trade-a-Thon.

And here’s what others had to say – Note: 100% participation and 100% making money:

Get Going! 

Quick Start is by far our best way to rapidly

  • Start chilling your veins, get
  • Steel in your gut™, and get
  • Gold in the pocket. ™

If you want to start this limitless opportunity, you must take action. Otherwise, you’re missing out and the goal to make money is just talk.

Get the tools, the experience and the mentoring you need right here.

Start chilling your veins.

Know when to click and what to do.

Get calmness so you can hold a trade and know when to be in a trade.

Produce profits in your trading account — because that’s what this is about.

We’ve got it. You’ve seen it. We’re trying to help you get it.

Get ice in the veins, steel in the gut and gold in the pocket™ — just like Tom and Geof.

We’ve given you the proof, you’ve seen the analysis — make the move.

Don't be Left Behind: Start Today!

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