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Together we focus on making money using a simple, reliable, repeatable method ... and we have a great time doing it.

DTI Headquarters

Mobile, AL

Why People Like DTI

We've educated people just like you on how to develop a winning process and make money using simple strategies since 1996. We deliver this on-demand, in live settings and online, depending on your schedule and your needs. We focus on teaching a global perspective to the markets, so you understand why the markets behave the way they do. The end result is a meaningful impact to your knowledge of the markets and a clear path to your trading goals. Here's what people like you have to say about people like us.

Hugh T.

Sandstone, MN

DTI Student since 2018


"Tom, your team at DTI has shown me they care about my success. They listened to my needs, made a plan for me and are helping me reach my goals. You and your team are the best. Thanks for all you do!!!"

Bill S.

Shreveport, LA

DTI Student since 2013


" I came to DTI with experience under my belt, but the strategies and techniques I've learned here impacted my ability to trade a lot profitably. I'm impressed with the way the DTI team listened to my goals and helped me achieve them. "

John G.

Edmond, OK

2019 Small Class


"DTI's Small Class was an excellent experience to advance my trading to it's next level. I had the opportunity to learn from and literally look over the shoulder of a 40 year experienced trader, Tom Busby. I felt I became part of a community of like-minded traders sharing a common goal. It was so worth the investment that I have chosen to attend again."

Kate L.

Naperville, IL

TBUZ / TSPY / MoneyBall


"Tom, not a day goes by that I don't learn something useful from DTI programs. One of the big draws to your Institute is that you have seen it all....both good times and challenging...1987, 2000, 2008 and this past Oct-Nov. Your wisdom is priceless. Frankly, you consistently deliver and often go above and beyond!"

Chris G.




"Thank you Tom and the support team - what a great week - SMILING is an understatement! I love getting on the RIGHT SIDE of the market with trades that are aggressive and sometimes very quick. Green on the screen!"

Mickey J.

Imperial Beach, CA



"Shout out to TBUZ and Geof Smith. Your education and insights have truly transformed the way I look at the markets. I can't thank you enough!"

Alex M.

Cohasset, MA



"I want to congratulate you, Tom, on a terrific TON class tonight. Combined with simple presentation slides, the clarity and brevity of the instruction was perfect. All questions were answered, one contract was bought, and an hour later there was a fresh hundred dollars in my account. What is not to like?"

Steve P.

Sparta, NJ



"It has been a great week already and it is only Wednesday! You predicted a big week on Sunday and you have come through in spades. Been a TBUZ member since it's inception and it just keeps getting better all the time. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us."

Denny W.

Brunswick, OH



"Tom, thanks again for what you do, continue to build my confidence in spreads and growing my account. Had a great week that you set us up for."

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