Omicron Reaches U.S. Shores as Markets React

It seems as though every time we start to take one step out of this pandemic-driven world we now call our new norm, we inevitably take two steps backwards…

This has most recently been apparent with the latest news report that yet another Covid variant known as the Omicron variant has made its way within the U.S. borders.

As such, markets have taken a bit of a tumble – with the DOW sinking 462 points this week – proving that, as much as we’d like to think our worries are behind us, there will always be more just around the corner.

Join us today as we dive into the details of this latest Covid variant, the steps being taken to combat its spread and what its presence could mean for today’s markets and your investments.

Omicron Reaches the U.S.

As U.S. cases of the initial Covid-19 virus continued to decline over the past few months, we were greeted by the Delta Variant… A new mutation of the original virus that raised alarms, not just in the United States, but globally.

And as major vaccine providers like Moderna and Pfizer continued to work to make a new “booster” shot available to the public, we now have been introduced to yet another covid mutation known as the Omicron variant, the latest strain of the coronavirus to be designated as a “variant of concern” by the W.H.O.

Worse than the previous mutations, however, the Omicron variant has been reported to have the capability of spreading faster, leaving already concerned people wondering what they can do to prevent infection as the cold, winter months approach.

The Steps Being Taken…

As word began to “spread” across the globe that yet another variant had made itself known, officials at the big pharmaceutical companies began working right away on yet another booster shot to be made to available to a public who continues to demand it.

Just recently, Moderna President Stephen Hoge said he believes booster shots carrying genes specifically targeting mutations in the newly discovered Omicron variant would be the quickest way to address any anticipated reductions in vaccine efficacy it may cause.

Speaking with Reuters, Hoge said that Moderna officials had “already started that program.” And noted that a respectable booster shot to combat the new variant could be available to the public as early as this March.

“The Omicron-specific boosters, just realistically, are not before March and maybe more in the second quarter,” Hoge said noting that FDA regulations would be the main hold-up on getting the booster out quicker.

Speaking on the success rate of such booster vaccines, Hoge said that he still believes, “…that the existing vaccines will be available to at least slow down, if not completely stop, the Omicron variant.”

The Market Reaction

As word continues to make itself known to the public that a faster spreading covid variant has made its way within the U.S. borders, markets have, inevitably, begun to react accordingly with the DOW falling a whopping 462 points this week as well as the S&P and NASDAQ sank 1.3% and 1.8% respectively.

… And with this variant news just recently breaking, many have started to shift focus to the vaccine makers such as the ones noted above to see what impact omicron may have on the broader global economy.

Speaking with FOX Business, Moderna chairman Noubar Afeyan said late Wednesday that advanced testing of vaccinations are in the works, including higher booster does and implementing previous variants.

“We really do need to up the level of immunity to the virus,” Afeyan stated, stressing that his end goal is to, “…get the maximum protection possible.”

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