Elite Trader Challenge Note

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve had a good 2020 in spite of some of the most challenging circumstances our society has ever faced.

And, regardless of how 2020 was for you, I hope you’ve retained some optimism for what 2021 can hold for you.

I am writing you this note because whether you’re ready or not, 2021 is about to make its debut and I want you to be ready.

That means this message also comes with an urgent action step I believe everyone reading this email should take…

You see, as I often do, I have been thinking about the success of my students and readers a lot as 2020 comes to an end and we set off on our 25th year as a company with the singular goal of helping traders achieve success in the markets.

One of the things that’s made 2020 special for me is that in the face of so many challenges (both economic and personal), my students have had a great year of trading.

That may sound a little shallow at first glance, but I can assure you that when you spend your life working to help people succeed, there is nothing deeper or more satisfying than seeing them do just that.

I haven’t gone through and counted, but I believe I’ve received more “love letters” about trading successes from you all this year than any year in our history.

It’s kept me optimistic and excited throughout this year and even more so about what’s to come.

One thing I realized as I thought more and more about how to help the DTI community achieve the next level of success in 2021 is that there’s a common thread among my most consistent and most successful students.

The common thread is simple: the folks who have spent a lot of time with me in trainings and real market conditions are showing the most success.

That’s not to say that I don’t believe our alert services are tremendous and worthwhile. They’ve had phenomenal success in 2020 too (just call Geoff, Jonathan or anyone on our team and ask about the track record!)

I absolutely believe in everything we do or I wouldn’t waste my time doing it. And, truth be told, I think you should be a member of all of them.

But the highest level of success I’ve noticed when I looked at 2020 in review is correlated to the folks working with me on a more regular basis.

And that’s why I believe that my Inner Circle group is going to be the most effective thing we’ve ever done to help traders.

It’s not just a ton of time with me, working from my trading blueprint and getting tons of my specific trade ideas…

It’s also working with the rest of my personal inner circle including a Tony Saliba (the only options trader featured in the famous Market Wizards book and the best execution specialist in the world),  Roger Scott (one of the world’s top system traders and forecasters) and Jack Carter (one of the very top options and specifically income experts in the world).

This is a team I have put together for myself!

But because I believe SO much in the impact of spending time alongside us, I am opening it to you!

We’re calling it the Elite Trader Challenge and it’s launching, officially, Jan 1, 2021.

If you apply to join us before midnight on Dec 31st, you’ll be extended a huge discount to take advantage of what I believe is the best way to have success in 2021 – period.

Here’s how this program is going to work.

First, we have the Elite Trader curriculum. 

We’ve all teamed up to provide our “secret sauce” to you. The best tips and tricks from an actual market wizard! From myself. From a hedge fund manager and top forecaster. From another guy who has been in the trenches for 40 years learning inside techniques!

It’s all in one powerful curriculum you’ll never find anywhere else.

Next, you’ll get our 2 live sessions every month!

On the first and third Thursday of every month we’ll have live “power sessions” where we go over our specific plans and trade ideas right alongside you.

Then, Tony Saliba, will translate those 6-10 trade ideas into the most optimal setups possible with his incredible expertise and software. He will even create 4 different versions of the same trade idea depending on your risk guidelines and targets. 

You won’t even believe what he is able to do until you see it, folks. There is a reason this guy was put into the Market Wizards book as the only options trader and is world famous for his execution techniques.

We’ll also have cheat sheets for every session.

Even if you can’t attend a session live, you can jump into the cheat sheet and get the trade ideas and details quickly so you don’t miss out.

These will be done as soon as the session is over and put into your member’s area.

Next we have our quarterly summits.

These are our blueprint for the coming quarter presented live to you in an online summit. We’ll lay out our entire plan and forecast for the next 3 months and breakdown a ton of opportunities so you’re ready to capitalize along with us.

Plus, we have a few extra bonuses to make sure this is the most powerful thing you could possibly do in your trading.

You’ll get access to my flash meetings so that any time something impactful happens in the markets, you can join me live to figure out how to handle it and take advantage of opportunity.

You’ll get access to a personal feedback forum inside the Elite Traders Challenge members area to submit questions or ask for help and one of the guys from the Inner Circle will respond to guide you.

I don’t know how to overstate it, folks, this is the most powerful thing we’ve ever done in our 25 years as a company.

But we’re just moments away from 2021.

And if you want to be a part of you need to apply before midnight on Dec 31 or you’ll lose access to the pre-launch discount.

If you think it could be right for you, just apply with the link below.

Our team will vet each and every application.

If you’re approved, my team will reach out to offer you a spot and a significant discount to join the first ever class inside the Elite Trader’s Challenge.

To me, the decision is really simple.

If you want 2021 to be a successful year, you should apply.

That’s the criteria that matters, folks.

Apply for the Elite Trader’s Challenge Here

Either way, I hope you have a great end to your 2020 and I sincerely wish you the best in 2021.