Biden’s Infrastructure Bill: Republicans Enter Initial Negotiations

President Biden met with, both, Democratic and Republican members of the Senate in the latter half of this week to further stress his belief in his recent $2.3 Trillion infrastructure bill. (Learn more about the proposal by CLICKING HERE.)

During this meeting, President Biden even went as far as to agree to cut the proposal into two separate bills so that the first part (focusing on infrastructure) could begin the approval process while officials continue to negotiate on the more controversial portions of the second half (which would have heavier involvement in domestic spending.)

When speaking with MSNBC, President Biden stated, “I want to get a bipartisan deal on as much as we can get a bipartisan deal on.” Following up by saying he had hopes that Washington could come together to “get an agreement to kickstart this, and then fight over what’s left, and see if I can get it done without Republicans, if need be.”

Biden’s willingness to compromise and cross the aisle on the first part of this massive bill is the perfect example of exactly what he claimed he would do on the campaign trail. Biden was continuously quoted suggesting that, after years of Trump divisiveness, he would be the leader to bring us all back together.

While his attitude of compromise is a step in the right direction, his eagerness to cut Republican leaders out of the decision-making process of the second half of the bill is one giant step backwards for the man supposedly holding the olive branch.

The Republican Response

Mitch McConnell addresses press after bipartisan meeting…

Republicans are expected to return to the table early next week with their proposed updates to Biden’s bill to test the Democratic waters and see just how flexible they’re willing to be.

Obviously, one of the biggest issues Republican officials have with the proposal is exactly how the Biden administration plans to pay for it… Through their proposed corporate tax hikes which many Republicans believe would result in a massive corporate exodus from U.S. soil to more tax friendly nations.

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With so much on the line during these early stages of the initial negotiations, many in D.C. and on Wall Street will continue to keep their eyes on the happenings on the hill next week as we take further steps towards the passing of the $2.3 Trillion infrastructure bill.

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