America’s Road to Recovery

Many Americans were taking a sigh of relief this weekend as reports continued to come out of Washington that supported claims that the beginning of the end of the coronavirus plague may be within our reach.

This hint at a return to normalcy across the country has not fallen on deaf ears in the markets as the S&P saw a record-breaking surge to 4,000 this past Friday, fueled — many believe — by investor optimism stemming from quarantine pullbacks and successful vaccine distribution.

The March 2021 Jobs Report

Adding more support to this investing momentum, the March jobs report was released Friday. In it was the hard proof many officials were looking for to support such claims of economic recovery.

The report showed that the U.S. brought back more jobs than expected in March and also claimed American job growth had sped up in the past weeks as more Americans find themselves getting vaccinated and returning to work.

Upon the release of such positive news, many states have begun their reopening procedures despite health officials warning of any over eagerness to take such actions.

Reopening Begins

Texas made national news for this very reason recently as they announced their intentions to officially pull back their mask mandates. This decision continues to have its critics, but despite the national hot water Texas officials found themselves in concerning this decision, several historically RED (conservative) states such as West Virginia, Alabama, and Indiana have made announcements to follow in Texas’s eager footsteps.

Addressing the subject, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the man many consider to be the official face of the coronavirus recovery team, proclaimed that at the current rate of recovery we could very well be able to be mask free by Memorial Day but warned such over eager states to be cautious in the early pull back of quarantine restrictions as it could lead to another surge in cases that might very well result in a push back of his predicted national reopening date.

Are these pioneer states making the right decisions in rolling back their quarantine mandates at this time or will this “over eagerness” result in more harm than good?

The One Thing We Can Agree On…

No matter which side of the reopening argument you find yourself on, the return to our pre-pandemic lives is the type of good news we all can agree with… Good news not just for our economy but for America itself.

Americans are ready to go back into the world and return to normal… or at least our definition of the word. And as more people continue to get vaccinated, return to work and, ultimately, their regular lives, we should also see a boost in investor confidence, pushing the markets up and helping to bring America back to life.

Many things can still change on our road to recovery, but if anything has been definitively proven by the recent uptick in the markets and jobs, it’s that America and her people are indeed ready to recover.

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