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Hey folks,

I want to introduce you to something new we started here at DTI called TBUZ TV. My purpose in starting this was for all these years I’ve studied the overnight markets and I’ve studied the ability of the global market to affect the day market. In fact, there’s four different distinct day’s inside of one. I like to define points where I might be long, where I might be on the sidelines, or where I might be short. I think about opportunities each day, and I say, where is the place to get the most bang for my buck that I put at risk? I have certain goals each day; How many dollars aggregate I try to make, how much time I want to devote in front of a screen and where the opportunities are out there not just today, but next week or next month.

The main thing I do that I think is the most important is come up with an All Bets Off (ABO) number. That all bets off number sort of defines for me how much risk I’m willing to take on any stock trading idea I come up with. With options, you must remember they’re options, and have a limited life span. I’ve been doing this for 45 years and I’ve learned a lot. I’m still learning. Most of all, I know that trading is a process.

Since I opened the doors in 1996, we’ve endeavored to teach the art of trading. So I decided to do this every morning. We put TBUZ TV out. It’s a 1-3 minute video. In the video you’ll hear my thoughts after watching the market yesterday, last week, today and opportunities that might be there. I call it the opportunities corner. This short video will take about two or three minutes of your time. You can expect to get it by the market bell. That’s at 8:30am CST.

I think if you’ll spend the time with me, learning what I talk about, you’ll pick up a whole bunch of knowledge, maybe insights, and ways to be better at this game of trading. Truly, it’s not as simple as Wall Street would have you believe. You must understand trends; you have to understand what’s next and you have to understand risk. TBUZ TV is a way of getting that understanding, a little dose at a time. I always liked the phrase, “if you’re going to eat an elephant, eat it one bite at a time.”

Now, it’s simple to join and here’s the best part, it doesn’t cost you a thing but your time. It’s totally complimentary. Join, we’ll give you our email if you have questions about what we say, get to know us as a company, and help us grow TBUZ TV. Right now we have over 5,000 members, pretty good for a service that we started less than 90 days ago.

As I always tell you, I’ll see you on the flip side!

Tom Busby

DTI Founder


Why You'll Love TBUZ TV:


TBUZ TV is a Giant Leap Forward!

“Tom, after following you for over 5 years, it's so nice to hear your interpretation about the market each and every day. TBUZ TV is a giant leap forward!”

Bill S. 

DTI Student


Perfect call today!

“After watching TBUZ TV today, I need to applaud you on your market call today! You said the morning is good to trade until 10:30 am, and spot on, at 10:30 the markets turned around. Perfect call today! I just wanted to applaud you for that and say thank you for your service and all you do!”

Steve W. 

DTI Student


I have an outline of what happened overnight and what to expect. You're the best!

“Tom, after visiting you and learning the DTI approach, it's comforting to know that each and every morning, I have an outline of what happened overnight and what to expect. You're the best!”

Donna H.

DTI Student


TBUZ TV is like coffee to me; it wakes me up and gets me going!

“Having been in the business for all these years, it's such a pleasure to deal with a professional that always delivers more than I expect. I'm pretty demanding, but TBUZ TV is like coffee to me; it wakes me up and gets me going!”

John G.

DTI Student

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