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Hey folks,

I want to introduce you to something new we started here at DTI called TBUZ TV.


My purpose in starting this is simple: I’ve studied the overnight markets for over 30 years and their impact on the day market. It’s the key to my success. Yet most traders don’t trade with this same insight … until now with TBUZ TV.


In fact, there are four different distinct days inside of one.

This insight I developed defines points where I might enter a long position in the market, stay on the sidelines, or where I might go short.


Every day I ask myself, “Where can I put my money to  get the most bang for my buck for the least amount of risk?”

I have certain goals each day:

  • How many dollars aggregate I try to make
  • How much time I want to devote in front of a screen
  • Where are the opportunities – not just today, but next week and next month

I have an All Bets Off (ABO) number that defines for me how much risk I’m willing to take on any stock trading idea I come up with. Options have a limited life span, so I have easy rules I apply to them.

I’ve been doing this for 45 years, and I’ve learned a lot. I’m still learning. Most of all, I know that trading is a process.

Since I opened the doors in 1996, we’ve endeavored to teach the art of trading. So I decided to do this every morning we record TBUZ TV.


It’s a 1-3 minute video where you’ll hear my thoughts after watching the 24-hour market and the opportunities I see that might be there. 


You can expect to get my best insights by the market bell. That’s at 8:30am CT. 

I think if you’ll spend the time with me learning what I talk about, you’ll pick up an enormous amount of knowledge, maybe insights, and ways to be better at this game of trading. 

Truly, it’s not as simple as Wall Street would have you believe.


You must understand trends, understand what’s next and most importantly understand risk.


TBUZ TV is a way of getting that understanding, a little dose at a time.


TBUZ TV is simple to join and here’s the best part – It doesn’t cost you a thing but your time. 

It’s totally complimentary. Simply join by entering your email.

We’ll give you our email address so that if you have questions about what we say, you can ask right away.

Get to know us as a company and help us help you as we grow TBUZ TV. Right now we have over 5,000 members, pretty good for a service that we started less than 90 days ago.


As I always tell you, I’ll see you on the flip side!

Tom Busby

DTI Founder


Donna H.

Little Rock, AR

DTI Student since 2014


"I have an outline of what happened overnight and what to expect. You're the best!"

John G.

Edmond, OK

DTI Student since 2018


"​TBUZ TV is like coffee to me. It gets me up and going in the morning before the opening bell!"

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