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Do you struggle with things like trade/risk management, controlling your emotions when trading, identifying market trends, or taking advantage of opportunities in both up and down markets? Do you lack a solid understanding of how the 24-hour global market (U.S., Europe, and Asia) works and interrelates, how to identify key numbers of the market, how to use news events to trade, and how to identify trends in stocks? Are you still searching for strategies you can use on a consistent basis to trade the U.S. morning and/or afternoon markets?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then our new Zero to 180° program could very well be the right solution for you. A recent study found the number one thing that keeps people from trading (right behind lack of money) is lack of knowledge. That makes perfect sense because if you don’t know what you’re doing when real money is on the line and lack a firm grasp of all of the different aspects of trading then you will lack the confidence and skills necessary to succeed long-term. In other words, knowledge is key. As Tom Busby likes to say, “I believe you can mitigate risk with knowledge.”

With this in mind, we set out to identify 12 key areas (or “Modules”) of trading everyone should firmly grasp (see them below) in order to succeed in trading stocks, options, or futures. CLICK HERE TO TEST YOUR CURRENT KNOWLEDGE OF THESE TRADING AREAS.

We next developed an innovative approach to teaching our students these Modules by breaking them down and delivering them in bite-sized video lessons via email 3 days per week over the course of 180 days along with making these videos available on-demand (like a trading version of Netflix). This format allows our program to accommodate any schedule and enables you watch and re-visit these lessons at your convenience.

But what makes this program really special and one of the things that our students enjoy the most is the Accountability aspect. Besides having the ability to see if students are actually watching the lessons, we also provide the discipline many people need by keeping in touch throughout the program to make sure students are staying on track and understanding the material. The video lessons are also coupled with live, online review/Q&A sessions, periodic online classes, and a 3-day graduation class at the end to put everything into practice trading a live market alongside our pros. Students are given a short online test at the end of each Module which they must turn in and pass before moving on to the next Module.

To summarize the main highlights of the Zero to 180° program:

1. Innovative modular format with video lessons via email and on-demand to meet your schedule
2. Bite-sized yet comprehensive approach to learning 12 key areas of trading
3. Accelerated learning track to teach trading stocks, options, and futures in just 180 days
4. Small group learning with classes limited to approximately 20 students for personalized attention
5. Accountability and oversight all along the way to help you get the most out of the program



The goal of the Zero to 180° program is to not only take someone with “Zero” or very little knowledge of trading and teach them to trade stocks, options, and futures in 180 days but also help struggling traders of all experience levels fill in the costly gaps in their trading knowledge in order to “do a 180°” and turn their trading around.



Module 1: Market Fundamentals[Click here to watch a short video about this module.]

Module 2: Trading the 24-Hour Global Market [Click here to watch a short video about this module.]

Module 3: Key Numbers [Click here to watch a short video about this module.]

Module 4: Technical and Fundamental Analysis [Click here to watch a short video about this module.]

Module 5: Charts and Tape Reading [Click here to watch a short video about this module.]

Module 6: Identifying Trends in Stocks [Click here to watch a short video about this module.]

Module 7: Trading the First Hour of the Market [Click here to watch a short video about this module.]

Module 8: Trading the Afternoon Market [Click here to watch a short video about this module.]

Module 9: Trade Management [Click here to watch a short video about this module.]

Module 10: Treating Your Trading Like a Business [Click here to watch a short video about this module.]

Module 11: Mastering Your Trading Platform [Click here to watch a short video about this module.]

Module 12: Psychology and Emotions [Click here to watch a short video about this module.]



3 Video Lessons per week

      (6 lessons in each of the 12 Modules =

72 total videos

      ) lasting an average of 20-25 minutes each delivered straight to your email inbox in the morning.

On-Demand Learning Access to each module via our MyDTI members’ website.

12 Live Online Review/Q&A Sessions held every 2 weeks for each Module with Chief Instructor, Geof Smith.

Accountability and oversight by us to ensure you are staying on track and understanding the material, including a test at the end of each Module.

2-Day Graduation Class in Mobile, AL trading a live market along with the DTI pros.

8 Proprietary DTI trades you can use during the morning and afternoon markets.

● DTI’s powerful RoadMap™ market analysis software.



Take this brief online test based upon the 12 Modules in our Zero to 180° program and find out how you stack up as far as the knowledge it takes to be a successful trader. We’ll even email you the test results along with the correct answers. Click Here to Get Started.



Group picture
Zero to 180 Graduation Class (August 23, 2016)

James N. Picture“This is the one class that you will need to properly learn how to prepare to trade any market.”
-James N. (Westfield, NJ) (August 2016)

Vickie K. Picture“I was ready to throw in the towel, but then decided to do the 0-180. The class has filled in holes in my stock education. The class is set up in a manner to review easily, the slides are easily read, and I’m able to easily review the material at my own pace. Can’t wait to start 0-7 and then on to the other courses.”
-Vickie K. (Canyon, TX) (August 2016)

Jeanne R. Picture“This is the most useful course for all DTI traders — A PhD in trading!”
-Jeanne R. (Austin, TX) (August 2016)

Katherine H. Picture“I have enjoyed learning about the market through DTI. This comprehensive course helped congeal what I previously learned.”
-Katherine H. (Dallas, TX) (August 2016)

Neal F. Picture“Course was great. Worth time and effort. Now I need to go back and review. Lots of material to absorb….For me working full time it was tough but would do it allover. Thanks for all of your effort and everyone at DTI.”
-Neal F. (Taft, TX) (August 2016)

“Zero to 180 has been superb. I feel over the next several months I will become the trader I want to become. The lessons are golden nuggets of information given in bite-size and easy to learn segments. The lessons re-iterate the DTI principals and go into depth. I like being able to play and replay when I can devote my full attention. The tests help make me keep on task to watch the lessons and be prepared for the biweekly class. I know it has taken a lot of time for the preparation of the segments! Thank you so much!!!!! Every time DTI comes up with a new product it excels.”
-Katherine H. (Dallas, TX) (April 2016)

“Just finished the first module. Has been great! Filling in big holes. Geof [Smith] is doing an awesome job! Tom [Busby] will call you on the lessons. They are keeping an eye on whether you are doing you work!”
-Vickie K. (Canyon, TX) (March 2016)

“Geoff [Smith] knows way too much about Roadmap [market analysis software]. I do not know if I will ever know that much….Very tired last night but I passed [the Module 1 test] with 80….Feels like I am back in school. Have to take tests now again and Tom [Busby] calls me into office like a principal.”
-Neal F. (Taft, TX) (March 2016)

“Loving it so far. Length is great, focused. Perfect so far. ”
-Dave H. (Enola, PA) (March 2016)

“Good foundation. Length is good for absorbing.”
-Shobha P. (Pleasant Hill, CA) (March 2016)

“It’s nice to be able to watch multiple times. I like that.”
-Todd E. (Boring, OR) (March 2016)


The next class grouping kicks off right around the corner on November 7, 2016.


To access 33-year professional trader Tom Busby’s calendar and schedule a phone appointment at your convenience to chat with him about your current situation and how this program can help you improve your trading, simply click here or call (800) 745-7444.