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Zero to 7

Learn the Fast Track to Trading Success

The Zero to 7 series is designed to fast track you on your way to becoming a successful trader by helping you: (1) identify what markets you should trade; (2) learn when and how to place these trades, and (3) understand how to manage them to the maximum advantage. Each class has a specific topic, starting with setting up your trading day, and then advancing to other key areas such as finding high probability trades, trade management, and controlling emotions. The goal of this series is to learn, with practice and study, to earn on average about $1000 per day in the market.

The lessons are delivered to you electronically via email one per day for 7 consecutive days. Each video lesson last approximately 40 minutes. You’ll also receive with each lesson a PDF of the presentation slides and have the opportunity to test your understanding of the material via a brief quiz before moving on to the next lesson.

7 Skills to Master

Zero to 7 Graphic (Ross)

1. Setting Up Your Day

    •7:30 p.m. CT (Asian market open as an indicator)
    •3:30 a.m. (European market open as an indicator)
    •8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. CT (1st hour of the U.S. market)
    •12:30 p.m. CT (U.S. afternoon market)

2. Finding High Probability Trades

    •48-Hour Trend
    •Weekly Trend

3. Establishing Pivots

    •Managing Risk
    •Finding Pivots

4. Seasonality

    •4-year Cycle
    •Monthly Cycle
    •Weekly Cycle
    •Daily Cycle

5. Emotions

    •Process and Numbers

6. Trade Management

    •Trading News
    •Using Market Deviations
    •Risk and Reward
    •Probing vs. Full Boat Position Sizing

7. Building a Daily Checklist & Plan

    •Building Your Customized Checklist
    •Using Time of Day to Increase Your Accuracy
    •Growing Your Account and Building Your Equity


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