Discover how you can leverage over 40 years of professional trading experience to potentially...

Grow Your Trading Account As Much As 3911% With A Very
Conservative or Aggressive Approach That Virtually Anyone Can Use!

T-SPY Pro is on pace to turn every $5k into nearly $195,550 in just 30 months time...
trading just SPY S&P 500 ETF options!

My name is Tom Busby, founder of the Diversified Trading Institute and professional trader for over 40 years.

I started trading options for Merrill Lynch in 1980 before becoming Vice President of Smith Barney in 1984. I've also traded the S&P 500 and NASDAQ futures since their inception.

In 1996 I started the Diversified Trading Institute (DTI) to help investors of all types learn how to properly manage their money and grow their accounts.

Since then, I've been working my whole career at developing a trading strategy so easy to follow that virtually anyone can replicate it.

And now I've officially developed it.

If you're interested in potentially doubling your account in 12 months time...

Or even growing an account by as much as 3911% in just 30 months time, then read on.

No this is not a scam, or some unproven strategy that has only been back tested in historical, and frankly not relevant, market conditions.

These projections are based on actual, real-life and live trading results of the T-SPY Pro trade service... 

Trading just the SPY S&P 500 ETF options.

And they're results that have subscribers like Ray and Chris smiling from ear to ear as they enjoy their morning's inside the T-SPY Pro trade room:

09:09 am Chris G: Thank you Tom and the support
team - what a great week - SMILING is an understatement!

10:00 am Ray H: Sticking with the Sultan of Spy ... 
on a dollar basis, my acct is up 36% since I joined 1/31/2019 ... !!! ... 
sometimes science and art are indistinguishable from "magic"

​​​​​​Most traders fail because they make the same mistakes that literally thousands of trades have made before them. They try out strategies that will never work consistently, but all the so-called "gurus" on the internet claim will make you fortunes. To make matters worse, most traders have a full-time job and simply don't have the time to put in to trade successfully.

What we've done at DTI is develop what we call a consistent approach that eliminates the reasons that people fail.

#1 Reason Traders Fail: Getting Stopped Out... Getting stopped out on good trades is heartbreaking. I firmly believe that you should never trade without a stop. But the problem is, most traders place stop loss order way too close to the market. We will show you tactics that allow you to never get stopped out and stay with your winning trades.

#2 Reason Traders Fail: Trading Too Many Markets at Once... Information overload is a BIG problem when trading the markets. Most traders, especially when first starting out, want to learn to trade every market they can. In reality it's best to just keep things simple. We will show you how trading just the SPY S&P 500 ETF can be as lucrative as you want it to be.

#3 Reason Traders Fail: Taking Profits Too Early... One of the most discouraging parts about getting stopped out of trades is they too often wipe out all the profits you make on winners. We will show you techniques that will us in winning trades, allowing our analysis to pay us until the time is right to take profits.

Why Trade Options and Why Limit Your
Trading to Just the SPY S&P 500 ETF?

Options provide the experienced trader with tons and tons of benefits that trading just stock does not...

  • Gives a trader with a small account a way to trade expensive stock like AMZN for a fraction of the cost
  • Provides leverage so you can potentially realize double and triple digit profits in a few weeks, days or even a few hours
  • Once you learn the numerous option strategies like credit spreads, you can develop strategies involving an option concept called "time decay" to drastically improve your odds of success
  • Risk is always defined up front, as long as you never trade naked options

In the T-SPY Pro service, we only trade options on the SPY S&P 500 ETF... Here's why it makes sense to us and why it should make sense to you too...

  • 75% of all stocks follow the S&P 500 -- why not trade the one vehicle that dictates the success of nearly all stocks and stock options?
  • The SPY is the most liquid market in the world
  • The SPY offers 3 option expiration a week -- Monday/Wednesday/Friday and sometimes on Tuesday and Thursday depending on holidays -- providing an abundance of opportunities and strategies
  • The SPY offer as little as $0.50 spread between strikes, meaning you can limit your risk to as little as possible

Dedicated to Making Your Trading Simpler

T-SPY Pro is a service dedicated to making your trading simpler.

You can spend the morning in the T-SPY Pro trade room with other subscribers, getting live updates on market direction and other vital information on the day's market action that I've learned over 40 years of trading.

Or you can simply wait for my text alerts with pertinent market and trade information.

The trades are valuable enough as it is, but there's also some unseen value in the T-SPY Pro service.

We've traded high priced SPY options and we've traded low priced SPY options.

And we've traded SPY options expiring in a few weeks to a few months.

Our method is not random... We track how the options behave in price during favorable market conditions and extreme volatility.

The point is, we're constantly researching to figure out which SPY options give us the highest probability of success.

With the T-SPY Pro trade service, you get

  • My best SPY option pick for the day... the right combination of options (calls, puts, or option spread) for that day based on what the market is giving us
  • A SPY trade sent to your text inbox between 8:45-9:15am CST every Monday-Thursday
  • 60-minutes of market commentary to help you navigate the trading day
  • Bullish and Bearish numbers on the S&P 500 that you can use to manage your entire portfolio, not just the SPY trades given
  • Strategies that are short-term or long-term... you get to decide
  • Trade sheets providing every detail you need: entry, exit, stop loss, target, net profit, or no trade
  • Every detail you need is defined up front: entry, target and risk
  • Projected, but not limited to, 190 trades throughout the year
  • All this delivered to you between 8:45-9:15am CST every Monday-Thursday, and available 24/7 inside the T-SPY Pro traderoom
  • You Can Leverage My Experience to Super Charge Your Returns and Grow Your Account by 1385% or More

    Here are 3 Approaches to Leveraging My Experience and Grow Your Account

    Very Conservative

    Start with $5,000 Account

    Risk 5% of your original account size per trade

    Continue risking this flat amount
    and you never leverage up

    12 Months Profit = 109%

    $5,000 turns into $10,460

    30 Months Profit =  273%

    $5,000 turns into $18,650

    Moderately Aggressive

    Start with $5,000 Account

    Risk 5% of your account for every $1,000 in profits

    $250 risk at $5k

    $300 risk at $6k

    $350 risk at $7k, etc...

    12 Months Profit = 278%

    $5,000 turns into $13,925

    30 Months Profit =  1385%

    $5,000 turns into $69,245


    Start with $5,000 Account

    Risk 10% of your original account size per trade until you double your account

    Then aggressively leverage up your risk based on account size as follows

    $500 risk from $5k-$10k

    $1,000 risk from $10k-$25k

    $2,500 risk from $25k-$50k

    $5,000 risk from $50k-$100k

    $10,000 risk from then on

    12 Months Profit = 437%

    $5,000 turns into $21,850

    30 Months Profit =  3911%

    $5,000 turns into $195,550

    Remember, these projections are based on actual trading results experienced in live markets by subscribers of the T-SPY Pro service.

    These are not cherry picked trades or a computer generated system that "looks great" over historical, and irrelevant market data.

    The Group of Elite Traders That Are Realizing Outstanding Returns with T-SPY Pro is Growing as the Word is Getting Out

    "If you don't have TSPY, you are way behind the other
    traders you are competing with. It will be the best 
    investment you will make in 2019"

    ~ Mike W.

    "Another day, another win…TSPY simply prints money"

    ~ Patrick K.

    I love getting on the RIGHT SIDE of the market with trades that are aggressive and sometimes very quick. Green on the screen!! That’s 30.05% ROI in one day! Love your work, your dedication and your team!  Thank you ALL very much!!

    ~ Chris G.

    I don't know how you could make it any better only way I can think of is if you just sent us money so we would not have to do any thing You and your team are the best can't wait for the trade a thon in a few weeks thanks for all you do!!! 

    ~ Hugh T.

    I've never offered a service with this much hands-on coaching, and I'm not sure if anyone else in the trading industry offers you a service with as much direct instruction as I offer.

    Not only do you get the SPY trades that I'm personally trading every single day... you'll get my market commentary during the first 1.5 hours of the cash market hours.

    Information like important trading levels on the S&P 500, my insights on using the ISSUES to your advantage... even how to use the DAX (essentially the German DOW) to make money.

    This is not a set it and forget trade service where a so-called "guru" spends maybe 30 minutes a week running a computer algorithm to spit out recommended trades...

    No, let me make this as clear as possible for you...

    The T-SPY Pro trade service provides you an inside look at my trading process during the first 2 hours of the U.S. cash market...

    And you get the exact same trades I am taking in my personal accounts...

    Which means if a trade goes against us... I work tirelessly to repair the trade if I decide we can turn a loser into a winner...

    Where else on the planet do you get that kind of hands-on help?

    The T-SPY is easy for you to implement into your trading

  • Trades are received at the same time every day
  • Great for you if you have a full-time job
  • And you don't have to have a lot of experience
  • It's strictly the SPY, the most liquid market in the world... no searching for the right stock.

    Can you afford to miss out on this opportunity?

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    Upon joining the T-SPY Pro service, you'll be part of an elite group of T-SPY traders who recognize the potential for outstanding profits, all while trading one of the most liquid trading assets.

    You'll also be protected by our 100% Performance Guarantee

    Here's Your 100% Performance Guarantee

    "If my T-SPY Pro trade setups don't make money during any month of your subscription, I will add an extra month to the end of your subscription."

    Don't Miss Out On Your Chance To Join at the Lowest Price I'll Ever Offer... Once All Spots Are Gone the Price Will Go Up!

    30 Month Program

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    12 Month Program

    When you go to this link
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    Imagine turning a small $5000 account into as much as $195,550 of profits in just 30 months... all while just trading the most liquid market in the world, the SPY.

    Here's the truth that you probably already know but have a tough time accepting. If you want different trading results than what you're getting now, you need to do something different.

    Make a definitive decision right now to get different results.

    Become a T-SPY Pro Plus elite trader and allow me to give you the potential for outstanding gains.

    30 Month Program

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    12 Month Program

    When you go to this link
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    No More Procrastinating!

    It's time for you to stop struggling in these tough market conditions.

    Don't continue down the exact same path you've taken year after year and expect different results to come.

    Join me for the T-SPY Pro service and benefit from my 40 years of trading experience as I personal navigate you through both bull and bear market conditions with a hands-on approach never matched in the trading industry.

    With Sincere Regards,

    Tom Busby
    Founder and 40 year Professional Trader
    Diversified Trading Institute

    30 Month Program

    When you go to this link
    or click the button below, you'll get instant access to 30 months of T-SPY Pro for $2,730... valued at $12,500 or a savings of $9,770!

    12 Month Program

    When you go to this link
    or click the button below, you'll get instant access to 12 months of T-SPY Pro for $1,497... valued at $5,000 or a savings of $3,503!

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