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What is TBUZ™?

Like you, we at DTI enjoy spending our time and resources on the important relationships and activities we love. In fact, that’s the purpose behind TBUZ™ developed by DTI founder, Tom Busby. The first of its kind, this revolutionary trading technology provides the opportunity for you to trade and manage your account on the go – as in anywhere – whether it’s on the golf course like Tom, on the floor with active grandkids, or on your lunch hour. We believe this is the wave of the future bringing trading and mobile phone technology together at your fingertips.

Simply put, TBUZ™ is a mobile phone-based text messaging service for people living in the U.S. or other countries that provides you with live trade opportunities while you’re on the go from 33-year market veteran Tom Busby plus associated trading education to explain Tom’s trade setups and execution approaches.

Your Personal Coach = Extensive Experience + High Tech

With TBUZ™, it’s like having Tom in your pocket, and he is no ordinary trader and coach. He’s old school (visit our online Store to read his story) combined with high tech as he incorporates his highly acclaimed and one-of-a-kind DTI Method with the fast pace of today’s world. As one of the very first to trade the futures markets live in front of thousands, Tom has traded and invested in global markets for more than 30 years.

Tom started with Merrill Lynch in 1980 and in 1984 became Vice President of Smith Barney. He has traded the S&P 500 and NASDAQ futures since their inception and was uniquely selected by the European Eurex exchange to travel around the U.S. to introduce trading the German DAX Index to high-net-worth individuals. Tom has helped thousands realize their trading goals since 1996 when he opened the doors of DTI.

How Does TBUZ™ Work?

Simple. This is where Trading and Technology collide. Expert advice comes right to your hand.
1. TBUZ™ texts you the trades
2. You execute on your mobile device (or computer)
3. TBUZ™ texts exit instructions

What Do You Need?

1. A simple phone that can receive text messages
2. Online trading account with a minimum of $2,500

*Smart phones make 1 & 2 a snap.

Here are a few examples of the type of TBUZ™ alerts that would come straight to your mobile phone:

Website Sample Tbuz Screen Shot (revised)

What Do You Get with a TBUZ™ Subscription?

1. Expert coaching and insights from the mind of a 33-year professional trader for an entire year guiding you through 4 seasons of trading.
2. An average of 3-5 trades per week (in stocks, options, and/or futures) that include Entry, Exit, Target, and Stop along with Rating sent to you via text (and email).
3. Trade sheet outlining each trade.
4. 24/7 Access to our dedicated TBUZ™ Omnovia trade room where you can keep track of Tom’s trades and interact with fellow TBUZ™ members.
5. A special TBUZ™ hotline you can call if you have any questions about the trades.
6. Periodic educational webinars based on these trades to explain lessons learned, 2-hour monthly online classes on options and other trading topics, plus special live webinars throughout the year on special seasonality days and other trading opportunities including Unemployment and Fed Announcements.
7. The ability to experience DTI’s powerful DTI Method in action in a live, real-world trading setting and take advantage of proprietary DTI strategies that show you how to think like a professional trader.
8. Access to Tom’s weekly Sunday night planning sessions beginning at 8 p.m. CT to help you plan and strategize for the upcoming trading week.

Who Qualifies for TBUZ™?

Tom has always been about helping people from all financial backgrounds and experiences. He designed TBUZ™ for traders who have a total of $2,500 of risk capital or more.

What’s Your Risk?

DTI strives to evaluate, quantify, and manage risk with every trade to the best of our ability. We are required to disclaim, however, that you should always keep in mind when trading there is a substantial risk of loss whether trading stocks, options, or futures and past performance is not indicative of future results. You should consult your personal financial adviser before putting any monies at risk.

What Do Our Subscribers Have to Say About TBUZ™?

In the video below, Russ Mothershed, former CFO of the Ruby Tuesday restaurant chain, talks about his experience with TBUZ™.

Here are just a few of the comments some of our other TBUZ™ subscribers have emailed us so far in 2014.

“Thank You! …love being able to benefit from your years of experience …and your passion to help others to be successful as well. Your diligent routine is commendable. You are influencing me to “raise the bar” and be “diligent” as well, …in my trading routine. YOU ROCK, Sir. I am looking forward to a life changing year …with the help of you and your amazing team at DTI. God’s Speed to you all!” Sue C. (Livonia, Michigan)

“Tom, just a quick note to let you know that I [am] very happy with the education and knowledge I have been receiving since signing up for the tbuz service.” Bob B. (Saskatchewan, Canada)

“Amazing. Without your technology available you still managed to hit the ball hard….I feel very lucky to have you on my side. Thanks for sharing your expertise and experience with us and being patient enough to show us, every week, how it is done.” Steve P. (Sparta, New Jersey)

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