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Strategies for Managing Your 401k or IRA (Video Download)

Are you looking to earn a higher return from your 401k plan or IRA? In this 50-minute video, DTI's Chief Instructor, Geof Smith, shares several helpful strategies to show you how you can get actively involved to manage your 401k or IRA in both bull (i.e., up) and bear (i.e., down) markets.

You'll learn the following:

- What are stocks, exchanges, indexes, mutual funds, and 401k plans

- Strategies for managing your 401k/IRA, including the following:

  • How to look for good mutual funds
  • The importance of mutual fund correlations with the Dow
  • When to get out of or not buy certain mutual funds
  • Gauging the performance of mutual funds based upon yearly and monthly opens of the Dow
  • Determining when to switch certain mutual funds or "go to cash"
  • Determining when to get back into certain mutual funds
  • Mutual fund maintenance
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Strategies for Managing Your 401k or IRA (Video Download)
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Fundamentals of Options (DVD)

This 2-hour comprehensive introduction to options with over 60 slides is packed full of options education covering the basics of trading options. Taught by former DTI veteran instructor and over 25-year clinical psychologist, Frank Stanley, Ph.D., this class is a great first step for anyone wanting to become an options trader. The class is designed for beginning traders with limited experience.

The class covers the following topics:

  • Understanding an Option Contract with Examples
  • Four Parts of an Option
  • Option Symbology
  • Explanation of Security
  • Explanation of Strike Price
  • Explanation of Expiration Month
  • Explanation of Contract Types
  • Important Abbreviations
  • Overview of the Option Chain
  • Explanation of Premium
  • Explanation of Option Volume & Open Interest
  • Explanation of Time Decay
  • Understanding Delta
  • Understanding Risk vs. Reward
  • Determining Stop & Target Placement
  • Examples of Long Calls and Long Puts
  • Platform Execution
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Fundamentals of Options (DVD)
Trader's Edge CD
Trader’s Edge (Video Download)

Learn 7 Strategies for Trading Stocks, Options, and Futures!

This video is a low-cost way to acclimate yourself to the DTI Method and is loaded with great education on the following:

  • Market Basics and the Importance of the 24-Hour Global Market
  • 7 Key Market Indicators
  • 4 Annual Cycles in the Market
  • Best Times of Day to Trade the Trend
  • Psychology of a Winning Trade
  • Risk Management
  • 4 Ways to Profit in a Bull or Bear Market


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Trader’s Edge (Video Download)
Oil barrel
Trading Commodities (Gold, Silver, Oil, Grains, and Currencies/Bonds)

Take DTI's comprehensive course for teaching traders its proprietary strategies for trading commodities.

With this DVD recording of a 2-day class, learn how to trade crude oil, bonds, currencies, gold and silver, and grains. This class also includes trading of these commodities.

You'll learn advanced techniques for trading crude oil ETFs and oil futures, US Bond ETFs and bond futures, currency ETFs and currency futures, gold and silver ETFs and gold and silver futures, and grains. Listen and take advantage as DTI's Chief Instructor, Geof Smith, explains his thought process as he makes trading decisions.

As an example of the great content you'll receive in this class, check out the below video of Geof Smith live trading the release of the EIA Petroleum Status Report on August 20, 2014.


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Trading Commodities (Gold, Silver, Oil, Grains, and Currencies/Bonds)
Fundamentals of Futures Cover (final) (cropped)
Fundamentals of Futures (Video Download)

If you're interested in learning more about futures then this 2 1/2 hour video plus manual is a good way to get started. You'll receive great education on the following:

  • Futures Basics
  • How Understanding Futures Can Help You Become a Better Stock or Options Trader
  • The DTI Method
  • Key Market Indicators
  • DTI's Tools of the Trade (The DTI RoadMap™ Charting Software and Compass)
  • Trade Execution:  Order Types and Techniques
  • Risk Management
  • Best Times of Day to Trade the Trend
  • Emotional Control: A Trader's Biggest Challenge

Check out the brief video below explaining what you can expect to learn:


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Fundamentals of Futures (Video Download)
Trade of the Day Store Image (AMZN Chart)
DTI’s Trade Video of the Day

See the DTI Method in action in a real market setting while receiving insights on some good trading opportunities!

Early each trading day, DTI's Chief Instructor, Geof Smith, scans the markets for good opportunities he sees in stocks, options, futures, or commodities and explains via a brief video how you may be able to take advantage.

These videos arrive in your email inbox weekday mornings around 7 a.m. CT, so you'll already have the heads up before the U.S. market opens.

Here's an example of Geof taking a look at Amazon (AMZN) back on May 16, 2016:


The price includes a 1-year subscription.

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DTI’s Trade Video of the Day