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RoadMap™ Software Authentication Will Be Through MyDTI Starting March 4th

The latest versions of RM2012 and RM 2013 are available in MyDTI. We have sent out several notices to encourage all users of the RoadMap™ software and those who access the various Omnovia rooms to acquire a login to MyDTI. Those who have not gained access to MyDTI will have authentication problems starting on March 4, 2013, when the authentication override will be turned off and all users of the RM2012 and RM2013 software will be required to authenticate through MyDTI. If you do not have access to MyDTI, send an email to and include your name and the username and password you would like to use for your MyDTI login. This UN and PW will also be your RoadMap user ID and Password.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at 800.745.7444. Thank you for your cooperation.

Trade to Win,

The DTI Team