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DTIc – Stock Market Seasonal Pattern Software

Use this incredible, seasonal stock pattern software subscription to put odds on your side with high probability analysis based upon a stock's historical price action and market strength and weakness. Quickly and easily identify opportunities for stocks, indexes, options, and commodity trading for swing and long-term investments. Avoid buying into seasonal adversity and selling into seasonal strength.

* DTIc covers over 5,000 US stocks across all major exchanges.

* Benefit from millions of seasonal patterns in our database with comprehensive analysis and statistics for every pattern.

* Data is presented in a clean, easy-to-read format. You don't have to be a financial wizard to understand and interpret the results.

* Comprehensive and easy-to-use pattern screening and filtering options help you find the patterns that interest you.

* Tracking the progress of your saved patterns is a breeze with inline graphics and detailed statistics.

* Never miss a seasonal pattern with email alerts!

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RoadMap™ Software

Click here to see our powerful RoadMap™ market analysis software in action!

NOTE: For demonstration purposes only. Data is delayed and refreshes approximately once per minute.


Key RoadMap™ Features

  • ETR (Electronic Tape Reader) Page

ETR v2

The ETR Page tracks the markets 24-hours/day around the globe. You can easily compare the prices and movement of futures indexes such as the E-mini S&P, Dow, NASDAQ, and DAX as well as your favorite stocks, while the easy to understand color coding (green for up, red for down, and yellow for neutral) shows you the relative direction of these markets over different time periods. The ETR page helps you answer the crucial initial question: "Should I be long, short, or out of the market?"

  • Custom Page

Custom Page
The Custom Page is the nerve center of the RoadMap™. From here you can open up several different useful features. This page allows you to look at any symbol listed on stock exchanges, options exchanges, or futures exchanges and keep track of its open, most recent price, net change compared to open, high, and low.

  • Compass

The Compass is a tool that helps tell you literally where to enter and exit a particular market. It shows you buy zones, sell zones, and targets for whatever you are looking to trade, providing precise entry and exit levels for both long and short positions as well as profit objectives or targets. At the same time, it gives you a summary of the vital signs of that particular market such as: (1) the ATR, (2) Recent Highs and Lows, (3) Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Opens, and more.

  • Horse Race

Horse Race
The Horse Race visually displays the percent change from open in an easy to understand bar graph so you can determine strong and weak markets. It looks at how a market such as a stock or index has moved based off its open versus others of your choosing.


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RoadMap™ Software
RoadMap™ 2017 Upgrade


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RoadMap™ 2017 Upgrade