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FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD: Avoiding the Trading Penalty Box

DTI Founder and CEO, Tom Busby, shares his story of struggles and success in the market along with important times of days to avoid the "trading penalty box." Part of DTI's focus involves being in the market only at certain times of day in order to catch the best trading opportunities.

There are 3 trading mistakes you can eliminate based on time of day. Download this FREE recording to find out what they are!

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Trade to Win Supplement (Interactive CD)

This interactive computer CD supplements Tom Busby's book, Trade to Win, and includes the following:

  • The best times of day to trade
  • Detailed explanations of specific trade setups discussed in Trade to Win in the futures, stock and options markets
  • Trading bonds in the pre-hours
  • Description of the psychology of a professional trader.


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Trade to Win Supplement (Interactive CD)