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Wednesday on the Web (WOW)

This live webinar trading class is held every Wednesday and is designed for those who are curious to find out more about what DTI has to offer. DTI’s instructors and professional traders share their market insights and demonstrate the DTI Method in action. Gain perspective on the DTI approach, learn about our educational programs, and become acquainted with our powerful RoadMap Software. WOW is your opportunity to see what we have to offer and how we tailor our education to fit your particular trading needs. Join us for a WOW session and learn exactly what we do!

TOPIC: Understanding Relative Market Movements — Breaks and Fakes

WHEN: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 7 p.m. CT / 8 p.m. ET

Partial RoadMap Image (4-23-14)

Join DTI’s Key Numbers Expert, Chuck Crow, this Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm CT as he discusses Relative Market Movements: Breaks and Fakes.

During this session Chuck will focus on:

How to know when a market move is real
How markets relate to one another
Comparing markets by timeframe

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best when it comes to market numbers.

Saturday Breakfast Club

This live Saturday morning webinar is hosted by one of our DTI instructors. Breakfast Club features a rotating schedule of our instructors and their specialties. These sessions are designed to enhance your trading perspective and practices, as the instructors share with you the market insights that bring them success. Whether hosted by Tom Busby, Chief Instructor Geof Smith, Chuck Crow, Dr. Frank Stanley, or Charlie Finn, Breakfast Club is sure to serve up a wealth of trader knowledge.

TOPIC: CHART READING 101: A Simple Way to Read Simple Charts

WHEN: Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 9 a.m. CT / 10 a.m. ET

Join DTI’s Chuck Crow this Saturday morning as he breaks down the basics of reading charts to help you navigate the markets and recognize potential trading opportunities.