How It Works

How It Works
Always keep in mind when trading that there is a substantial risk of loss investing in futures and past performance is not indicative of future results.
Step 1

Complete the RoadMap™ Profile Questionnaire

In order for us to help you reach your trading goals, we ask you to complete a RoadMap™ Profile Questionnaire. The few minutes it takes for you to fill it out will help you start down the right path towards better and more objectively understanding where you currently stand as a trader, any areas of weakness or deficiency keeping you from becoming the trader you want to be, and what it will take to achieve your trading goals.

More than just a list of questions, the profile was scientifically designed by experts in multiple fields to both help you evaluate yourself as a trader and help us put together a recommended teaching plan for you based upon your trading strengths and weaknesses in areas such as:

  • Analyzing the market
  • Managing profits and losses
  • Trading with emotions

If you honestly answer questions about your experience, goals, resources and time, we can provide you with a plan specifically tailored to help you maximize your success. All of the information you provide is kept completely confidential.

Step 2

Receive a Custom RoadMap™ Profile

Once you complete your questionnaire, one of our Consultants will contact you to review your RoadMap™ Profile – a detailed presentation of your strengths, weaknesses, goals and trader profile.

This valuable process will reveal how you compare with professional level traders who function at the level of consistent competency you are trying to attain. More importantly, it will tell you how to reach that level yourself.

Some of our best DTI students who have gone on to trade successfully started out just like you. Beginning with a RoadMap™ Profile, we helped every step of the way – and we’ll do the same for you.

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Step 3

Get Started on Your RoadMap™ Route to Success

Next on your path to trading success is the RoadMap™ Route – a customized, step-by step plan of trading education and tools to help you achieve your trading goals. It’s not just theoretical but has been modeled on thousands of real people like you who have come through DTI as our students.

Your Consultant will walk you through recommended trading education offered by DTI, timeframes for achieving your trading goals based upon your available time and resources, expectations at each turn, and progress check points along the way.

Our ultimate goal is to transfer to you years of knowledge and experience from our instructors within a timeframe that you are committed to following. In other words, we commit to each other to help you successfully learn to trade the market(s) of your choosing at your speed.

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Step 4

Core Education, GPS Classes, and Workshops

DTI’s Core Education curriculum serves as the main vehicle for moving you along the RoadMap™ Route from Point A which is where you currently are as a trader to Point B which is where you want to be in achieving your personal trading goals. These classes are designed to provide you with the solid foundation of trading education you need in order to be successful as a trader on a consistent and long-term basis.

To further assist you while moving along the RoadMap™ Route towards your trading goals and success, we also offer a combination of GPS Classes and Workshops provided by caring, knowledgeable instructors and trading professionals who will help keep you on the right path and fine-tune your trading education experience.

GPS Classes are offered in conjunction with the Core Education to help you navigate through any trading obstacles you might encounter along the way and/or let you take a side excursion if and when desired to explore in greater depth specific market interests. Your Consultant will recommend such classes to meet your needs as you move along your RoadMap™ Route.

DTI also offers exclusive 3-day Workshops to students each quarter held at various destination locations around the country. Learn from DTI professional traders and gain insights from guest appearances by industry leaders as you interact with fellow traders during these action-packed events.

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Step 5

Mile Post Reviews

While moving along your RoadMap™ Route, we will also monitor your progress at key check points throughout your trading education to help keep you on the straight and narrow path.

Included with program enrollment, DTI will:

  • Provide personalized assistance to help you learn the DTI Method.
  • Help guide you from one ‘Mile Post’ to the next so you’ll constantly improve your skill to effortlessly enter and manage trades in the real, live markets.
  • Test you on your ability to make accurate trading decisions to help you avoid the costly painful mistakes that most traders make.

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Destination Success

At DTI, our unique RoadMap™ educational system and DTI instructors teach you to analyze the whole market and the forces influencing it. It is this education that our professional DTI traders use every day to time their entries and exits with precision. Always keep in mind when trading that there is a substantial risk of loss investing in futures and past performance is not indicative of future results.

We believe that DTI is the world-wide leader in developing students from all backgrounds into becoming successful traders in diversified markets. Don’t just take our word for it…check out what our students have to say about DTI in their Testimonials.

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