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Why Diversified Trading Institute?

Since 1996, DTI has been the leader in teaching people how to trade stocks, options, and futures in a live market setting. Because the markets never sleep, our unique approach focuses on the 24-hour global market and teaching you how the European and Asian markets influence the U.S. market. We offer a variety of trading classes, a mobile trade service, and a 24-hour trade room to help you learn our method with the goal of putting the odds in your favor. At the same time, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own speed either in-person at our beautiful national trading center or live online.


Core Education

Trading courses are designed to move at your own pace while helping you analyze and trade various markets. Learn more


Stocks & Options

Learn the basics you need to know to trade stocks and options in a live market.


Learn our proprietary DTI method and how to apply it to trading futures in a live market.

Advanced Stocks, Options & Futures

Learn what it takes to be a self-sufficient trader with respect to multiple markets.

Professional Stocks, Options & Futures

Aspire to the level of a skilled, independent professional trading multiple markets at the same time.

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DTI’s National Trading Center is located in Mobile, Alabama. Join us for in-person trading classes to learn in an optimal, hands-on setting with fellow students.