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3 Things To Benefit Your Trading in January 2013

Happy New Year to You!

From time to time we like to open our Live Trading Room to the public and show you what DTI is all about.  There is no charge to this Wednesday’s trading class.  All we ask is that you come with an open mind, try to learn as much as you can and ask questions on anything that you are not clear on during the presentation.  The point of this presentation is to help you prepare for January and reach your trading goals in 2013.  Here is a quick rundown of what you can accept to gain from viewing the below video:

1.) How to Trade January: (Stock and Option Education)

  • This January will be extremely important as we see how the markets react to the fiscal cliff (or lack thereof in the event a deal is made)
  • We will go through a look at some of the most popular trading vehicles as well as potential ways to play them using stocks, options and futures
  • How the yearly open can be used as a key pivot area regardless of what market you trade

2.)  Prepare for the Non Farm Payroll Report on Friday (Futures and Forex Education)

  • DTI Student and Head TradeRoom Moderator, Neil Yeager will take you through his preparations for trading around Non-Farm Payroll
  • Neil’s expected moves based on the report
  • Managing Risk in a high volatility environment

3.)  Access to Live Trading: (Stocks, Options and Futures Education)

    • The trades placed in our TradeRoom are taken in live accounts and recorded by our students on the whiteboard inside the room
    • Recap and review of the DTI Method and how we determine whether to be long, short or out
    • We will feature a projection of our software so you can see how we read the markets (you do not have to be a subscriber to gain value from seeing how our software computes key buy and sell zones in the market during our Wednesday night session